Knowing Limits

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There is a general understanding in most people and they use a certain phrase in agreement all the time.

                   "The higher you go, the cooler it becomes."

As much as it sounds true and factual, this is an incomplete statement and it is surely a misleading one. There is an extension to this that has been scratched out of it such that it would have read;

            " The higher you go, the cooler it becomes
                                 until you reach the tropopause."

With ignorance I used to believe no matter how high you go above the ground it will continually become cool than surface temperature. It was then my dream to go as high as possible to experience the cooler temperatures. That was basically before I was enlightened.
Later on, with time I learnt of stuff like troposphere, tropopause; stratosphere, stratopause etc. I was so much in awe to realize that I actually used to wish for the worst thing hoping it was the best.

What is the tropopause?

The World Meteorological Organization define it as;

                 The boundary between the troposphere 
                and the stratosphere, where an abrupt 
                change in lapse rate usually occurs. 
             It is defined as the lowest level at which the 
            lapse rate decreases to 2 °C/km or less, provided 
           that the average lapse rate between this level 
          and all higher levels within 2 km does not exceed 
           2 °C/km.

In my own words the tropopause is that certain break off point between the troposphere (where temperature fall with height) and the stratosphere (where temperature begins to rise with height.

Now with thoughts came a certain relation with life. There are situations or things that feel so good and seem so right when practiced. We sometimes talk of passion, love and the likes. We surely do these things from the heart because we are either passionate with them or good at them.
In some instances, we continually do something because it is the right thing to do. However, there is a certain time these good things seem to short circuit and turn bad in an instant. Then you wonder what is going on.

Understand this, the only bad thing you did was continually do a good thing until it seemed bad. It's just like having so cold beers, you enjoy it at the beginning because it so cold and refreshing but excess consumption turns you into a different character. You will only regret when you are sober yet again.

That are even times when we feel like studying over and over again when we have already mastered the concept and all the requirements. Instead of giving your mind a refreshing break, you keep on pushing it to load more new stuff and all of a sudden it breaks on itself. This time it's not a refreshing but confusion. You would be most likely to suffer a depression trying to figure out which is the right concept out of the many you have forced yourself to embrace.

Even when you try to be romantic with your lady, you still need to know that this is too much now. This level I am now is no longer cool and most likely to spark an unwanted mood swing.

The list is open ended but this is the issue, in every good thing you do you should always identify a limit which is your tropopause in life. You will end up reaching the stratosphere thinking it is yet to get cooler only to start dropping sweat.


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