Sleeping in Pain !

in writing •  5 months ago


The night was cold and full of terror
After seeing a movie she called horror
Its winter already and
Everyone is mindful of their outing
In order not to be considered missing

It was about 10pm and
Her precious jewel is yet to return
Could it be the traffic
Or his usual because she seems terrific
Or the misunderstanding
Before his departure in the morning (she thought).

She glimpsed through the window
At every honk of a car in the neighborhood.
The cold was much that her hood
Wasn't huge enough to keep her warm
So she went to the bar to
take a glass of champagne.


Meanwhile the bed in her living room
has been arranged with one of her best mattress enclosed with a beautiful fabric
She had thought for a perfect night
With her precious jewel
But Jewel is no where to be found.

Jewel went on a distant journey
Because he received
Some amount of money
From another of his precious bunny

He left with anger in the morning
Because he was horny
And he wasn't attended to by
His wife who was mourning
As a result of a bad news received.

This is difficult to comprehend
But could this be the only
reason for his disappearance?
Of course not!
Jewel has thought of leaving
Only waiting for an excuse.

The cold keep increasing
And She started gnashing
She started feeling emotional pain
As the cloud begins to rain.

She started facing emotional trauma
As a result of the morning drama
Her precious jewel never returned
And she ended up sleeping in pain.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, I still remain humble


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