Fashion Saga or Fashion Gone Wrong

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Just like other social vices which includes cultism, drug abuse, rape and prostitution, INDECENT DRESSING has turn out to become another major misconduct among students of tertiary institutions.
Indecent dressing also known as dress to kill is rife among students of universities/high school, polytechnics and colleges of education, more especially the females. With the sole aim of looking sexy, stimulating and tantalizing, forgetting they are supposed to look responsible.


Instead, wearing small clothes known as fitted, short blouses, sagging (wearing trousers so that the top is below the waist), ass down or low waist by males and even females also, cleavages and sleeveless shirts are major problems accompanied with indecency in dressing ravaging tertiary institutions today.


Apart from wearing small clothes known as fitted, short blouses, they are again transparent revealing sensitive part of the body that are supposed to be hidden under normal circumstances from the glare of people.

Ironically, they are trending fashion among students nowadays.


This appear as a result of poor parenting,


Peer pressure,


Wrong use of the internet (social media), fading values as well as demonic influence.



The negative impact of this indecent dressing is that many of these students becomes victims of circumstances such as rape on campus, some are lured into prostitution by friends and subsequently, some are tempted and influenced to join one cult group which later results to poor academic performance.

Tertiary institutions should slate proper measures to curb indecent dressing on campus by inculcating the entire student populace on the dangers and potential consequences behind it.

Dress codes and strict rules should be enforced and followed to the latter.

Finally, there's a saying:

You will be addressed by the way you dress.

Nobody has ever won an award of being the most indecent dresser. There's no value or reputation attached to indecent dressing, instead it steals the little respect people could accord to you.


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Couldn't agree with this more! Excellent article

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