Prophet Mohammad SAW journey to a country to broadcast the religion of Islam

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During the Ninth Year After the appointment of the Prophet as a messenger of Allah, the Prophet has been practicing dakwah among his own people around the city of mekah to reflect on and improve their living condition. Except a handful of people who have embraced Islam or are sympathetic to him, others try as much as the effort to harass and deter him and his followers, Among those who sympathize with his struggle include his own father's ashes as though he did not embrace Islam, But following the death of ash, the khuraish felt free to intensify their disruption and opposition to the Prophet in the taif, the second largest city in hijaz, there was a thaqif ban of a very powerful and large number of its members.

Prophet Muhammad SAW departed to thaif in the hope that he could influence the thaqif ban to accept Islam and thereby acquired a shelter for the followers of Islam from Kuraish tribal disorder, he also aspired to make thaif the headquarters of his da'wah activities, as well -then the apostle arrived there, he visited three thaqif banquets competently and conveyed to them the message of God, not only did they refuse to accept the teachings of the gods and refused to hear what the Prophet had said to them, he had been treated abusively and earnestly rude, Their rudeness is contrary to the spirit of glorifying and respecting the guests who have become part of the arabic way of life, expressly telling them that they do not like to live in their place, he hopes that his arrival will be met with courtesy, accompanied with gentle words, On the contrary he was already throwing in rough words, One of the dignitaries said with a full laugh: "Hoi, is it true that Allah has appointed you to be his servant? Another one laughed: "Must not God choose man besides you to be his messenger?" The third throws the insulting words which read: "If you are truly a prophet, I do not want to speak to you because such a thing will bring disaster to me, but if you are a liar, it is not for me to talk to you" In the face of such a great opposition, the perseverance and perseverance of the heart which is the natural attributes of the great prophet Muhammad SAW did not cause him to feel empty and failed a little thing

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