Who is responsible for the Child labor?? You,me or them???

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Child labor is being a curse for all of us. Yes i said it to all. You may ask why I mentioned you. Cause you and I some how related with this anyway. While we see this kind of child who is under is doing some tough work in a workshop what we do actually? Some times we ignored as like regular things, some of us stopped and use some condolence words for them.
But is there anyone who will stand there for the child and make him a proper way to live in. It is true that that child need money badly and this is why he used to work in there but who would be responsible for this. Yes we all do as we all somehow connected with this like giving some dollars and make him doing some works for you.
It is true that the government is the main who should have been responsible but yet we are all connected in a bigger way. It could be directly, it could be indirect but after all we all connected but no one does nothing to stop this...

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Do you have any thoughts about stopping child labor? Or, in the trouble of a wife, looking for a young girl, who will see your child, make tea, wash dirty clothes and doing all house hold chores of yours without any helping hand there.

In developed country like America, Europe, Canada and Australia, no one will be able to work for employment anywhere before the age of 16 , they cannot even seek for a job in that age limit . Kids can work part-time from the age of 16.

If the 14/15 year old child is stayed with hunger with no food or could be homeless, and if he wants to work, why he will not be given work! Will the child be homeless, have hunger?
No, the child will not have hunger any more, his stay place and food will be arranged. Developed country like America, Europe, Canada and Australia have arranged for her mother's food and place to stay.

About 1.7 millions children under 15 years who is kept busy with different work in Bangladesh or the developing country like us. In most cases they are forced to work in this age because of being the income source for the family; Many of them have no father, in some cases there is no parent!
Do you want the 8/9 year old girl to work herself, get her own food, stay away from home?
Who should take responsibility for this? You, or the government?

You may not have a job, or you are a student; Or if you are employed, maybe you are struggling with your own family! I know a man who is really into this blogging side who recently did not buy food for iftar for the family at iftar time, whereas his family is very small but yet. It is also frustrating! So you, or people who are like this, they can not take the burden of 1.7 million children.

You or another blogger might have taken charge of a child, if you paid 100 dollars in the month, or someone in the family would give 100 dollars at the end of the month.
Who can be this 'someone'?
Top business man or brand like Bashundhara, Beximco, Alam Brothers, or could be the president or the prime minister of the country Sheikh Hasina or Begum Zia, ?
Who has this money?

If you give 100 dollars per head to 1.7 millions children, you need 170millions dollar. This money is in the hands of the government? Of course! Who can make this money as a separate fund; Are you, the other bloggers, or the country's president? Who could afford this huge amount of money every year?
Not you, not me but the President or the Prime minister himself...


I have said enough for this kind of things and i always kept saying for stopping this kind of unbearable things and always wish for doing some for them. Thanks to Chad Gaji to think about them and let this topic into mind to think and write and now share with you guys. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks


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