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Being a writer is like a huge responsibilities for you, not everyone will understand this fact and not everyone will go with this fact. You are the man who can make a person smile. you are the man who can give them hope with your writing. You are the man who can understand their pain and their hard work which could be explained in your writing. You can even let them know the love what they have and what they can spread to all. You could be the person who is always love your parents and let people know how precious they are in our life and what a precious gift they are in our life like a guardian angle.

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Fact: 1 : When Love is the topic

Sitting in front of the notebook. Keeping the head of the pen in the center of the two fingers, you start thinking about what to write about ... Think about the thought of love should have been written today !
But what to write ? and How to begin ???

You never have the courage to tell someone whom you like which is not a matter that it is temporarily though . Or the reason for someone's love has not yet reached to you which is really belongs to you only .
But, watched your friend / girlfriend or even their beloved one who is to wake up all night, Or some of their love moments or could be memory and so on ...

Hearing the words stay close with them as how much their progress is and how it is really going . Hear and witnessed the tale of tears over their pillows on the silent night.
You will have to dive in their story !! Not too much tidy or decorated way, but very messy after all but you can make it decorated by your own thought or imagination power.
Your writing will not be done. The story of love which could be decorated by the other way ,it does not go with the writing.

Fact : 2: When Politics is the matter of writing

To write about politics, you must reflect the image of any political person. It will be a bit of a speech. Does not matter. You can say something before the nation.

Let's come to the common people. It is not easy to fall into this situation. You have to get to the street. Some people will have to draw a picture of their life in their own life in that way actually which you can not easily draw by yourself.

Have you ever walk along with the streets in an empty pocket?
The day you read this situation, the surrounding matters will make you think. From that day it is very easy, and it is comparatively comparable to the life of the people who eat bad food.
Only that day you will Learn to draw the pure reflections of their life.

Fact : 3 : The writing based on Parents love

Want to write about some love for your parents?
The eyes which are in the eyes of your lover ,Those two eyes will not be able to look better on their parents' eyes. Well, today your boyfriend / girlfriend told you that those who do not know how to love his parents, he / she does not know how to love anyone else.
And then you are being emotional again and Tears are on the way but It will be caught in the eyes of the parents. Before handing over some of their friendly interrogation to their eyes. Look at a little on their eyes. Limitless Love is there for you.

The love that started, the day you came in your mother's womb. There is no end to this love. On the same day you can understand how much your parents love you and how close they are to you. You can understand, you have love and love for them.That was the secret of the love of the boyfriend / lover of the deceased.
From that day you will learn to write about your parents.

Everything in the world is like that. In the fields of authors / writers, this requires a lot of experience.
It should not be a direct experience. Use some of the experience of indirect experience
Direct experience can be enhanced.
Some things also rely on the sixth sense.
Not all people can match everything with the stars of the sky at night.
Those who can match,
They keep watch the sky and its view for the night. When asked to the beloved people who is like the beloved stars to you as,
"How are you?"


Being a writer is really tough sometimes but you can really make it in a better way to get the better outcome for everyone. Thanks to Abir Ahmed Khan to let me realize this facts with his words which later motivate me to share some feelings and words with you guys. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



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