Unknown Mystery about Human body

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Our body is filled with mysterious as there has millions of myterious factors which is really connected with our body and body parts. We know a lot about our own body but how much we know about it. If I mentioned you some unknown factors about our body, you will be surprised as how would these things happens or are these things really happens in there?
It will be so fun to get you guys known to some mysterious and unknown facts about our own body. Let's do it then...

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Some Mysterious Facts about our own body

  • The total amount of bacteria in an adult human body is more than the whole population of the entire world.

  • The amount of blood that flows through our arterial and vein which is circulating in one day crosses the whole body which is the distance equal to the distance of 19312 kilometers.

  • The human eye is able to detect approximately ten million different color, but it can not be remembered for our brain.

  • Our Heart beat is almost 35 million times a year.

  • The life time food consumption number is too much which is surprising like a normal person who consumes almost 35 tons of food in his lifetime.

  • Let's guess the speed of the air which comes out of our nose at the time of sneezing? The air that comes out of the nose during sneezing, its speed is 160 kilometers per hour.

  • Abdominal acid is able to melt the metal thing. But our stomach cells are so rapidly divided, that the number of newly born cells in every moment exceeds the number of cells that are damaged by the effects of acid.

  • If the length of the diagonals can be drawn beyond the internal DNA of our cells, it can exceed 10 billion miles. (After reaching the distance from Earth to Pluto, you can get back from there to earth again.

  • We tries so much for our height grow and can you believe that it reduce in every day. It is incredible, however, that people's height decreases by 1 cm in the night.

  • Every day our skin destroys about one million cells, that is in a total within a year we lose two kilograms more than skin.

  • What if we count the overall time limit for the eye lids blinking? The total amount of time spent on covering the eyelids is more than five years old.

  • During sneezing, the activities of the internal organs in our body are completely closed. And it is not possible to sneeze with eyes open.

  • We spent as much as 33 percent of our lifetime asleep. It is true that we waste one third of our life time in just sleeping.


I hope these few information about our own body and ourselves will amaze you guys at least a bit and that's what i want though. Anyway thanks to Owashi Ahmed for his helping hand to collect some information and share things with you guys. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



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