Think different to get recognized yourself

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When you think about the life and death and the whole time you are into this ,then you may think about the best way to recognize you with the people you love. This world is really different in some of the position where you are the one who can make yourself great into their eyes and so does their heart too. You need to think for yourself as well as for the society and those people who belongs to your thought so that there have something at least for you to know and something to talk about you. And this is why thinking creative and thinking new is really important in every way where you can make it into your way.

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Every person should have thought about creating or inventing something new, but what is the need for some people?

It is not something that is not exist in the world, but it is the most effective way of life that is in the world, and it is to be strictly careful so that after age, people can not forget the mystery of that creation and nothing goes in vain. Should not we want to be futile in future even after the core of success?

If I say what the thoughts are? Do not really think of anything differently. Thinking differently, many people think again of what he or she thinks. Is that really matter for us? The exact formula can be found in the right way. Do you want to know? get things manage to know about it. You say the opposite, think the opposite, then how the new way / path could be created?

One thing to note is that there are some extraordinary thoughts within small ideas, which are easy to reach and those thoughts play a major role in helping people to live happily, although some of the successful ones at some point of time may fail. Well, since death is certain , so there is no meaning to take so much pain?

We let things into the last hope in the future of imagination and in the next life (who believes in the after life), the experience of the successes and failures of small ideas. Thinking differently for success is something different to think. Can everyone think differently?

Just Think Different. Trying to find something extraordinary in general. Every person imagines himself in his own future as himself, enjoying happiness for a short time. And in the attempt to continue to enjoy that happiness, people begin to think positively because of all the failures (although almost all of the human lives are settled for a short time). What if the short time is unusual in all cases?

It seems that people get the most sorrow due to the death of their little beloved child. Well, what is the condition of parents after that death? Is that situation kept going with them always? The reason behind the death due to the next time, including the unique sorrow because of trying to survive himself, is to warn the other by someone else. Why do you warn yourself and others? It is understood that the positive between the the opinions of Newton and various religions

every action has equally opposite reactions.

Socrates and various religions say "know yourself". How do you know yourself?
For example, a lazy person in his own right to recognize himself first. These lazy people play a greater role in the failure. Many more like this live within me or you. By recognizing them, it seems to me that one's own meaning is death, and there is a lot of ways to reach the death, and if that path is easy to enjoy, but it does not end there. The most enjoyable enjoyment of human beings?

People should disconnect the thinking and make no-brains, people are normal or extraordinary to the world, but the future should definitely be thinking of the future. isn't it???


I hope you will get the whole fact which i have been trying to say you in here within some realistic factors of us. Thanks to the guy mr. babu who recall this factors of life and let me think about it and write to share with guys. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



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