The greatness of our father

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Father is the person who hold his family no matter how tough the situation is. He always work for the happiness for his children. It does not matter how tough his work is, he always tries to get things done so that there has smile on the face of the children. And some time these child literally forget those hardship of their father and what the fathers do for a simple smile to see from his child's face and this is really precious things of a father.
The father is a precious gift for us like a child is precious to the parents and the love and those affectionate are really unexplained. We should think more about our parents, specially at their old age and take them as our own child like our father do at our little age time.

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Today is Father's Day. Although I do not believe in celebrating these days in formal form. Nevertheless, I wanted to write something about the social networking platform. Being a father is a lot of happiness in there as well as being a father is a lot of tough too. Today's writing is about sharing the feelings of father in past time and father at this time. Love your father, Dad is your second child.

Finding the father's archaic definition, it is found that the father is defined as the father of any kind as a male guardian. He is the male who is responsible to get birth of any child. Father's synonyms are: father, dad, daddy, papa etc. In order to give birth to the child, X (feminine) or Y (masculine) chromosomes enter the semen containing the sperm of his wife.

No matter what the definition is, parenting is not an easy job. Typically Many parents do not even enter the sperm of their wives, and some people can not be a father by having dozens of children. A father or guardian sometimes became the father of a child, sometimes a father of the society, sometimes the father of the state, or the father of the whole world.

To be the real father, the sweat of his head is to pay the thousands of things and deeds for the kids. For the sake of child's happiness, for the sake of composite security, father gave up his own happiness and joy in the age of time, and that man became his father. So the father is just comparisons of father only ,not anyone else. Parents always work silently. The love of the father's love is so small in our eyes that we can not feel it until we get at the time being. When I feel I do not have many things left.
We only understand the father's contribution when we become our father.

When a father gives a healthy gift to the society, the father's satisfaction comes only. Father does not have a problem for the bad one, but desperate children sometimes turn to that, instead of satisfaction, father has to suffer the pain of suffering. I heard a proverb that many bad men are found in the world, but sometimes bad parents are not available. And if he was found, he never had a baby or was not. A father never returns home after working in a tough time. In the age of time, the children hold their father's hand tightly as a resort.

Every son was born as a father after the birth of a child. Father calls the son of the child as daddy sometimes. Dad is very dear to me, how much he wants to call my father, in the face of my father can be felt. The name of the family kept in the house is left to the father only, the father calls the son as the daddy. Whenever it comes out from the child, the child runs away to father. Taking no side of the bosom, the parents said, thousands of questions whether they have searched or taken it, whether they have played or not. Never see if there is dirt on the child's face. Gradually fighting alone to fight the child alone to get the most powerful material in the world, but does not attempt to express its inability. The joy of father gets mixed in the child's joy. In this way a person became father.

Children grow up and get married. Even then, the father's thinking does not diminish. Then the child was one day the child's father. Now learn the understanding of the father's way. Parents do not reduce thinking for the child even when they are old. When the child returns home, walks outside, works properly, check whether he is taking care of the body. As a child, he should be as young as his father. Parents try to father until death, father's thoughts, father's love, father's blessings never change. So it is for the dad.

When I see that the children kept their parents into the old age home, it hurt me a lot. Sadness over follows when father is talking to journalists and tears of tears in two eyes. The sadness is when the father are acknowledged by physical abuse in the child's hands. Father tried his child like he could for the child. But the question of why the child could not become a father is a problem that stays in mind. Since childbirth, the child who is not able to become a father for his parents at the old period of time when they need them most.

Love your father. Be assured that your child will reward your father's love. Love your child today, calling parents, loving, caring, affection. Whenever you were young your father also called you father/daddy, loved, cared, cared, affectionate. Therefore, no human child should be neglected by his father, seeing the trivial matter. We all say and believe that when a man becomes like a child, then he becomes like a child. Why do you neglect your child as well as your old child? Losing the child will get a child by the will of God, but the father will not get the father in life if he loses. So, praying to all the children on Father's Day, love your father.

Understand your father, I am with you, I love you, you are my father, you are my other child.
Happy Fathers day to all Fathers and thanks to make their child happy.


I hope i do not need to say more about the father and father's love for you and your love to him at all time. Thanks to Asadujjaman Juwel to let me know about the day and help with some words on it. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



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