Sleeping Paralysis - Reasons & solutions

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We may know about this term called sleeping paralysis. It is some how common to some of people who face this problem at sleeping time. It causes some of troubles at sleeping time which is unexpected and also seems like a nightmare. There has not any specific fixed reason on this side but yet there has some of reason which could lead to this sleeping paralysis. Some people say that there has nothing to do specially for this paralysis at sleeping time but there actually has some things which can help you to get rid of this problem. I hope I can help you with some information on this topic...

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There are many cases happened while you are sleeping in time or dreams at sleeping time. Some of them are like that you are unconscious while dreaming something at sleeping time. Which is said or named to be get into the sleeping paralysis. At this time the body muscles become completely weak. As a result, people become completely numb in sleep or in a very awkward condition. In this situation, he is mentally awake, but physically, he is numb though.

Changes at sleeping paralysis time

At this time there are many changes happened in the body. Such as

  • The heartbeat decreases,
  • The breathing stops,
  • The feeling of pressure in the neck
  • The feeling of pressure in the chest,
  • The feeling of various nightmares
  • The presence of the enemy etc.

People also feel afraid and helpless. When sleeping, the muscles from the brain stop transferring signal from brain to body, so the muscles become numb.

What to do in this time?

So what should be done during sleeping paralysis?

  • Trying to shake the eyes repeatedly, as a result sleeping paralysis stops in a short period of time.
  • Try to breathe frequently.
  • Try to move some parts of the body such as tongue, toe finger. It will be possible to wake up fully.

Reason behind sleeping paralysis

Sleep paralysis is occurred usually due to some reason. such as...

  • As long as there is no habit of sleeping in regular basis, the possibility of sleep paralysis increases. That's why insomnia should be avoided.

  • Better sleeping by moving into a specific side rather than sleeping straight way neither lying on the bed on backward way while sleeping.

  • Food should be taken at least two hours before sleeping. Mental stress may be the reason of the sleep paralysis. So avoid anxiety.

  • It is better to avoid sleeping pills. Sleeping medicine may cause sleep paralysis.

  • If there is a tendency to have sleeping paralysis once a week for more than 6 months then you should consult to a doctor for this.


I hope these few steps will be helpful for you guys to know about the skeeping paralysis factors and how and why it happens and how to control it. Thanks to Mr. Nil to give a helping hand on this side to make it up and share with you guys. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



Thank you for your valuable informative post. I had sleeping paralysis several times in my life, it is really important to weakup but thoug to go through it. I would find it is quite difficult to do the below things during the sleeping paralysis (as per my experience)
Still if anyone able to do it, it would be really helpful to them

I hope so. The trying to open eye or blinking will be effective and so does frequent breathe help a lot in this situation.
Thanks for your opinion bud.

very Nice article, keep it up :)

Hope it will be useful for you though

yes it was :D

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