Human, the best creature but not everyone is listed

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When it has been asked that which are the best creature among all of the creature created? We simply replied that Human beings are the best. It is true but partially true. Does all the human should have been listed within this best creature side? I do not think so. There has huge portion of this human side who always stay with their wrong deeds and always keep with the bad for others. Then how could you involve them within this best creature list. You can say Human beings are the best creature but not everyone but who only stay with believe in Almighty and doing good deeds, they are.

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I am a Lumian and a human being. And because of being a man myself, for a few days this thing was rotating like everything around my head that man can not be the best creature of all creation. Those who have called humans as the best creatures of all creation, are either wrong in some point or wrong in their own opinion.

You may ask why I am saying so?
Based on what I felt in my common sense, I came to the conclusion that man can not be the best creature of all creation as we are always saying so.
The person who is doing thousands of bad deeds every day, has been fooling, destroying the rights of others, and in the created creed of Satan, how will he accept the best of creation?

Man himself is the one who believes that humans is the best of all creation which is not right though, you cannot just say this without knowing yourself cause there are huge number of example of being the worst among us.

I then realized that the verb needs to be corrected. People are not the best creatures of all creation. The best creatures can be called those who are real believers. That is, the people who are able to live without the evils deed which comes from the devil side, these are the only ones who are the only best creatures of all the creation. Not all people are good at creating.

This thought came to me in the same way.

But I was surprised when this verse of the Qur'an came to me. Even if in holy Qur'an Allah said that,

Those who have faith and do righteous deeds, they are the best of creatures.

In this verse Allah has clearly said that my thinking was not wrong. Not all Humans are the best of creation; the people who believe and do righteous deeds are the best of creatures.

So now I remember one more question ... What are those who are those people who did not do the good deeds and do not work for that way and do not have believe for the creator? Are they even listed in the good side rather talking to the best side of creation. These type of people are those who had the worst side for the humanity.

The answer is also given in another verse, Allah Ta'ala in the Qur'an.

They are like cattle, but rather worse than them. These are those who are Careless and stay with laziness.

That means those who know all but while they knowing all and doing deeds like they are doing those unknowingly, these are the worst creatures of the world.

We all know what will be happened to these people and who are these people.

If there has a lots of us who are belongs to these side, then how could you say that human beings are the best creature. Yeah the real man who have humanity, believe and who does the good deeds always , we can call him the best creature of all but we cannot say all are among this list of best.


I hope you are all the best among all but do not forget to do the good deeds and stay believe on Almighty and keep doing good for all. Thanks to the Kamruzzama kanok for his precious words on this sector to help me out on writing this. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



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