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We always have some special quality within us but somehow we forgot to get that quality out into the world where we belong and where it has to be shown. And because of the lacking of these , we are lead into the regular 9 to 5 job life and literally we forgot the real side of us and we literally forget the real us and what we are really capable of.

Trust me there always something within us which could be life Mr. Floyd to be the unbeaten champion in our own sector where no one can simply overtake us.
What we need then?
We need to find out what we are really best at and what could suit us and the passion of our life and the love belongs to that job, that work.

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Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar what are they do or say, the top of the year on earning section is the United States boxing champion Floyd Joy Mayweather

Before winning the most expensive match of all time, he said, "Saturday's match is just like a working day and regular game for me. That's what I can do best, Boxing, that's it! '
This is Mr. Floyd who gave away his boxing career after winning 49 heavyweight championship.

Then there passed a long time ... about two years...

After a lot of controversies at old age, the critics started talking in the middle of the old age he has into craziness mood now but it was all about passion.

The oldest boxer dreamed to make record of the 50th match win, but in the first session, the youngest boxer McGregor beat him to the entire time.
What happens when the elephant falls into the ditch is that the young Mac was chasing him behind the thought. Seeing the tragedy of the floyd , the silence is into the gallery and everyone looks worried and heart broken, But when McGregor's strength came down within time, then in the 10th rounded The floyd punch him in the head of the McGregor that he cannot stand up then,neither can able to fight.
May be this is why one wise old man says the wise always hit at the final hour but effectiveness is 100% in all the way it is.

Floyd has recorded the record of half century in the history of the boxing world!
He is called the unbeatable champion who won 50 among 50 matches without any defeat !!!
He said,

"There will be Good times and bad times in life, but you have to be mentally strong!"

He also said,

"To be the best of all, we have to work more than everyone!"

Responding to the critics, he said,

"Someone bought a ticket by paying a million rupees to win my victory, and then bought a ticket for someone or someone to defeat me, but at the end of the day they spend their pocket money for me!"

We all have a limitation in life and success is to overcome their limitations repeatedly hit the wall and be released!

With the best of his sayings, 'Every person should be born with some kind of talent and first to find out what that talent is, and to increase the limit, the struggle that will make a person undoubtedly make the unbeaten champion!'

Dear Floyd, Everybody in our country is born with the power to be an engineer or a doctor or could be a lawyer or some sort of the regular beings in career side.

At the end of all of these, thirty years gone from our life of getting to work (job)
Next 10 years gone after the thought of the family or even child and the rest of the years gone with the thought that what I have done all those years and what could have i do or should have I done in that time instead...


Do not think that you are lessen from someone else who are just passing by you. You are into the best in your sector where none can surpass you. Hope you will get with it. Thanks to Abdur Rob Sharif to let into this topic and precious words on this sector to help me and motive me to share these factors of life with you guys.. Best wishes for you guys. Thanks



Really we shouldn't care who passed us,we should just keep going because we are best in our own sectors.

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