I silenced a caged bird to catch the train on time.

in #writing3 years ago

A candid but pointless moment happens when you ssssshhhhhhhh.
A journey from north to south from me to you.

Pictures make it a more interesting read but I am all about the power of words!

That's my first thought. Shut the mouth, pick up the phone and throw it through the nearest window.

How much of this is going to read as complaining nonsense. You have to ask yourself. What am I searching for, emphasis on the I. This is all about you. I could write about me because I understand that people like to know about the other, if I was a really skilled communicator I would reveal all of my intricate intricacies intimately within.

Sometime though, finding something to write about is just the beginning. So let's say I enjoy using Linux as my operating system. I enjoy it so much I want to write a meaningful blog post about it. I also want it to be amusing and engaging. I want you the reader to believe the words I write. The infusion of the words with your mind should be enough to open a connection between us all.

How many times can a reference be made to myself and to you, something engaging enough that we both meld into one through the words and sentences. Remain clear is a golden rule. Be precise is more precisely what that should mean. Each word is an internal thought or process running from my fingers to your screen.

You know that morning last week when you woke up an hour or so before your alarm clock and you had a quick flash back of your dream? Do you have a vivid recollection of the sounds from that morning. I'm sure there was a clock in your room that you glanced at. I'm really into that idea of waking your mind to my mind. That way we can both share the revolution and all its benefits. Do you remember the revolution?

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