Play Time With Broken Toys

in #writing7 years ago

Intuition like this, it's hard to miss the hits
"Not catching feelings, just catch this kiss"
I caught your lips, you caught something else
Not ready for this spiral and my dick doesn't help
Hard to play with toys when the factory defunct itself.

Hangups Ahoy, drowned in cold dairy like your brain soaking sound waves on the loud days
Hold my hand in the air like it was crowned days
It's just past and present tense auditory glory, a front for some smiles, destress and show you horny
Bang the feelings out, cover up with guilt, another bed awaits now, right around the hill
You will get some claps, even some applause, hell even the person writing this fucks for y'all.


So, I've freestyled in the shower for like, a decade, and I wanted to start writing some of my musings down, this was something from a few weeks ago when I was getting emotional over an interest and wanted to vent about it, a few people really liked so I thought I would share something that's very personal to me and generally out of my element, I never consider myself a traditional creative person, posting this is quite scary!

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