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***People want a nicer, better version of the truth***

I'm a very emotional person so maybe a nicer version of the truth is probably better for me but I would rather get hurt then not knowing the actual truth.

People Can't Take it

Yeah, people can't take the truth and that's too bad, it stops them from improving. A nicer, better version of the truth won't help that much. You need a verbal slap once in a while to remind yourself that you need to keep learning or whatever you need.

People Stop Being Nice

We live in a society where being nice is almost like a rule and this made people so fake. I'm not going to lie to you, sometimes I do enjoy that fakeness, it does feel good to have nice friendly people around you but that shouldn't be the norm when it comes to friends or family. I really believe that there has to be a time when being very straightforward is the best choice.

Remember That Mean Friend of Yours?

There are people who are always "mean" and most people don't like them for that but hey those people ain't mean they are just honest. I feel bad for them because they are just too honest and this society doesn't welcome that. I do blame them though because after a certain age they should have learned to not always be that honest and pick the right time just like what I do. I'm 100% honest with the people I care about and with the rest whatever but even with the people I care about I do pick important things to share because can't tell 100% the truth every time...I learned the hard way, I probably was that "mean" friend....

Stop Being Dumb

Why would you want people around you who only tell you how good you are?
Why don't you value honesty?
Why are you so afraid of getting hurt?
Why can't you learn how to receive negative feedback?



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Truth is truth. There is no better version of truth. It doesn’t make sense. Black or white. Truth or lie.

I can think of an example for all of these, including myself. I try to be nice to protect people's feelings and hope for someone else to point out the faults and then swoop in with some encouraging words about taking it as a learning experience and asking themselves what they can do differently. I think I'm overly critical but I'm constantly trying to think about what I could be doing to improve myself. It's a catch 22.

Sometimes you gotta do the "dirty work" too my friend 😉

LoL. I know but I'm also the one who gets labeled a bully or negative "Nancy". That's why I'm always on the lookout for the little openings to insert my opinion. Less flack, especially with co-workers.

Most people want a truth or want opinions that does not hurt ther feeling, bad thing cuz that made their egos grow and grow.

Honesty is extremely overrated. It suits us more to lie than be real with ourselves

It's not suitable on every situation. Sometimes honesty saves heart from breaking.

There are times when lying does help but there are other times when being honest is the right thing to do

Agreed. I didn't mean we should not be honest, just saying that's how I feel the World has become

Yeah, you are definitely right

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