"Everybody is born with seed of greatness, nurture yours".

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I have the opportunity to attend a seminar whose theme was; "glory, arise and manifest". Am not a believer of the word "fate". I believe your fate is in your hands, your fate is moulded the way you want it.

Everybody have that seed of greatness in him or her, our actions determine whether the seed of greatness germinates or remain passive. Ironically speaking, if we are able to take actions to germinate these seeds of greatness in us, we can then exploit it and make proper use.

Everybody is born with seed of greatness, exploit and harvest.


Its is very important for us to make this seed of greatness manifest because, absence of glory is the presence of shame.
These seeds of greatness when properly exploited brings out the glory in us. The presence of shame means the absence of greatness and minute manifestation of glory.

Presence of glory is the presence of power.


When there is manifestation of glory, when seed of greatness manifests, it brings alongside power.
When glory arise, u move from obscurity to celebrity.

The proper question to ask oneself is "how do I make the seeds of greatness in me manifest".
We all are different, so there is probably different ways to exploit and make the seed of greatness manifest. Like it name implies, seed of greatness, starting from a point and think of getting bigger are ways of nurturing these seeds to bloom. Everyone has different ways and different techniques of bringing out the greatness in them, we are just need to find out which one works for us best.

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Absolutely. We are all born with the seed of greatness. The work is to recognize that seed and the task is to nurture it to term, so it can serve as a blessing to others.

Well done.

Nice write up!!! Every body is born with a seed of greatness. Life is good when you are great.

Sometimes we failed to nurture it because we only seek to emulate people with their own seed forgotten that we have different seeds

Everybody is born with the seed of greatness

But it takes wisdom to plant and reap the fruits of that seed. Lovely post @talivet