I am a farmer and try to make myself comfortable in the silence.

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"While Everyone Thinks You Are Not Everybody, You're Just A Precious Debris .. Over and over Your Heart Is Created Hurt, Down And Nobody Knows You There .. Slowly You'll Be Aware That The Silence Is The Best Friend You Have .."


on this night Let me share the story of life in this our beloved forum. Please permit the elders and residents of @esteem, as well as all readers to give criticism and suggestion if there is any error in my writing this time via @ steemit.

All the stories I write here I try to get as much as possible based on facts. Due to the limited memory factor, there may be a love story that spices a little, so as not to be too bland, but without changing the structure of the sequence of events and background. This story will I try to update every day, time can not be determined because of the busyness factor. If this story is interesting later on, please do not mine. The important thing is I will tell the good and bad of me with what it is.


arena I'm not a professional writer, then in this story will rarely encountered poetical poet-style words. I can only present the story filled with my everyday language style.

For the characters in this story will be described in accordance with what it is. Some use the original name in part by resorting to a fictitious name. Create a comment apologize if I can not reply one-one.

tomorrow I will start writing ...


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