Pondok pesantren that is missed

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi
tgk / abu glorified by Allah SWT.

On this occasion I want to share back a little writing where in this paper discusses a pesantren into the field of missed all pelajara.

Pesantren is a traditional education that the students live together and learn under the guidance of teachers who are better known as kiai and have a dormitory for place to stay students. The sisters are in a complex that also provides mosques for worship, study space, and other religious activities. This complex is usually surrounded by a wall to be able to monitor the entry of the santri in accordance with applicable regulations.

A cottage is basically a traditional Islamic education dormitory where students (santri) live together under the guidance of one or more teachers better known as Kyai


The condition of the cottage in the colonial period was very different from the present cottage. Hurgronje describes the condition of the cottage in the colonial period (in his book Imron Arifin, Kyai Leadership) namely: "The cottage consists of a square-shaped building, usually built from bamboo, but in rather affluent villages the pole consists of wood and the stem is also made of wood . The cottage ladder is connected to the well by a series of stones, so the mostly shabby santri can wash their feet before climbing into their hut.

Simple huts only consist of large rooms that are shared. There is also a perfect cottage where a gang is attached by doors. To the left of the alley were small rooms with narrow doors, so that when they entered the room people had to bend, the windows were small and wearing bars. The furniture in it is very simple. In front of that small window there is a pandanus or rattan mat and a short table made of bamboo or wood, on top of it lies several books of "


Nowadays, the existence of pesantren pondok has been progressing in such a way that the intended components are increasingly increasing and equipped with facilities and infrastructures.

In the history of its growth, pesantren has undergone several phases of development, including the opening of special cottage women. With these developments, there are female huts and male huts. So that a large grouping boarding school can accept male and female students, by dismissing huts based on sex with strict rules.


Just a glimpse of pesantren life that is missed
Here is a cry of all the longing coming to our minds about the life of boarding school

Writing : @syakiran.balya

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Pondok yan teduh dan nyaman.

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