Community Based Tourism Management in Pari Island

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In tourism activities in Pari Island, the community provides tourist services and facilities such as boats, accommodation, food, and snorkeling equipment, based on self-managed swadaya. Most of these facilities are provided by the community directly so that the benefits can be felt by the community. Interestingly, the spirit of the people in Pari Island in the management of the tour of economic equity is not an individual advantage alone. This is reflected in the principle of tourism that should eliminate unemployment in Pari Island. For example, if there are people who do not have a job, although one job can be done one person, but there are people who are unemployed, then the job will be given to the unemployed person.

Furthermore, tourism management practices do not cease in the procurement of 'hard structures' such as tourism facilities, but soft structures such as environmental management, especially at sea are conducted for ecosystem sustainability in Pari Island which also impact tourism activities. Environmental management is done such as planting Mangrove and coral reefs. The community is also concerned to prevent the damage by banning the anchoring and carelessly dispose of garbage because people have started to care about these things with the environment.

Virgin Beach, Featured Destination Pari Island One of the leading destinations in Pari Island is Virgin Beach. Virgin Beach can be described as a white sandy beach, there are small islands in it, and most importantly, the beach is very clean, almost no trash even small. The combination of physical beauty of the virgin beach and community management of this beach makes this place crowded with tourists. Meanwhile, the management of the community on the beach, in the form of routine net water activities and the construction of new public facilities such as saung, swing in the sea, and others. Previously, virgin sand beach is only a beach that contains Imperata until then the community manage it to become a unique tourist spot. Therefore, in order for the sustainable management of virgin beaches, the community creates a system. The system is in the form of a group to manage the cost of volunteering to enter the virgin beach and tourism management. The system is overseen by the RW chairman as a 'respected' person to oversee community activities.

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