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look for fish in the pond with a loud, our results are wearing charcoal grilled fish, after burning the fish we eat together using a seasoning sauce.

The following story :

  • On holiday I and friends took time to catch fish using nets, fish in the can rather large and a lot of milkfish. As seen in the pictures she put the nets into the water, so the fish can be caught in it.

  • As usual I and other friends waiting at the top to take the results obtained.

  • After netting has been placed in the water, waiting for his moment in order to fish a lot. 

  • If the fish has been caught, we will immediately throw nets to the side, so that the fish can not escape anymore.

  • Time to see where the fish were caught and immediately secured. 

  • Fish that have been caught immediately brought up to is secured, so that the fish are not released into the water. As seen in the picture below.

  • at first I did not want these foods, over time I tried a bit and it feels so good. Starting from the time that I wanted to try it again and got me hooked.

  • Grilled fish is delicious when eaten with soy sauce and chili seasoning, of seasoning can make fish more stable, because the spicy marinade and added with a salty taste on the soy sauce.


!cheetah ban

Delicious fish and photos are excellent!

Thanks @lud
Wish you all the best

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