The Signs of Women Are No Longer Virgin

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Virginity is a secret thing that women sometimes hide from you as their partner. Sometimes they are ashamed to tell you whether they are virgins or not. Debates about the signs of female virginity during this time also still gave birth to many versions. Those who want to keep the relationship harmonious, sometimes ignore this kind of question, in order to keep the feelings of the couple.

Regardless of your choice, quoted from Nairaland, you can recognize whether your spouse is a virgin or not, without having to ask directly to them.

Take a good look at the following;

1. Forehead
The virgin girl has a smooth forehead. After intercourse, smooth smooth face will disappear, and bring up some wrinkles (lines). Wrinkles are different from wrinkles in the elderly. The line can not be removed by lotion or oil. It is not easy to see, but can see when they laugh or speak.

2. Nose
If the nose tip of the couple is reddish, then she is still a virgin. Indeed sometimes the color will not be easily visible. However, women who have sexual intercourse, the red color will disappear.

3. Eyes
When the lower part of the eyelid is folded slightly, and cause a bruise sign, meaning your partner is no longer a virgin. A virgin girl does not have a black strip under her eyes. And watch as they laugh, a virgin girl does not have wrinkles under her eyelids, when they laugh.

4. Breasts
Breast of a virgin girl is always upright and hard. After being touched by a man, the breasts usually become slack and larger than the previous size. The more often touched and sexual intercourse, then the breasts will be more enlarged and down.
Regardless of assessing her virginity, you can also tell if a woman has given birth or not by looking at her breasts. If her breasts are straight or face up, she never gives birth. But if her breasts face down, then she has given birth.

5. Finger
Try holding your partner's little finger. After about a minute, let go and ask how it feels. If he says that he feels nothing, it is possible that he is no longer a virgin. A virgin girl will say that she feels tense, palpitations or hiccups when her little finger is held.


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