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“Self-publishing is the new business card..” - James Altucher

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The following contains portions of material that were originally uploaded to SlideShare as part of a Writing Course Presentation given at a local area Community College as part of a Continuing Education program on How To Self-Publish, given by yours truly on 9/8/15 and developed by to encourage others to write their own book.

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Like @papa-pepper, here’s the proof!

Last time, in PART ONE, we talked about they why behind self-publishing, today we will continue our journey!

Remember, I chose to use and will be showing the steps using that site for the rest of the presentation.



  • It’s FREE

  • It’s from and so it is easier to list your books on amazon when your done

  • It was recomended by James Altucher who has been an inspiration to me

Let’s get started!

Click “Start a title for free” and create a login, if you need to.

Next Select: Add New Title:

Then, Give your book a “Working Title”, don’t worry if you don’t know if this is exactly what you want to call your book because this can be changed later!

Next Select: Paperback and Then Select: Guided so that they will help you through the process of putting it all together properly.

Make sure to fill in all the information!

Wondering about an ISBN for your book?

CreateSpace has got options to get you covered!

You can choose:

  • A Free ISBN that will have createspace listed as your publisher (imprint)

  • Upcharge for a Custom ISBN for only $10

  • Upcharge for a Custom Universal ISBN for $99

  • Or the option to provide your own if you already have one.

To keep my cost down, I went with the FREE option!

However, it is important to NOTE that once CreateSpace assigns an ISBN, it cannot be changed.

Now that we got that part out of the way, let’s get down to some of the Interior Options we will be selecting:

Here we will select if we want the interior to be only “Black & White” or in “Full Color”.

Additionally, we can select if we want the Paper Color to be “White” or “Cream”.

Finally, we will select the “Trim Size” which is what size the final print version of your book will be in when it is ready.

They even have a helpful “Template” that you can download so that you can get your formatting correct for publishing.

Here is an example of my book:

Once that is all formatted, you will choose how you’d like to submit your interior:

You can Do It Yourself (DIY), because hey, you already have come this far in the self-publishing process, or you can pay to talk with them about professional design services starting at $199.

I am not saying it might not be worth it to you, but for me, I do this thing on the regular in my blog here, so it wasn’t hard, but if it ain’t your cup of tea, I don’t blame you, if you can afford it, get some help!

When you do upload it, they will automatically check to make sure it meets the printing requirements:

At this point you can start working of your book cover, which we will discuss next time, or you can continue with the Interior Reviewer to review your work before you are done:

I’d like to continue, but our time here today is coming to a close and the length is growing much too long.

I will post a 3rd part soon to finish up this presentation.

If you don’t want to wait, check out the SlideShare or let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them based off my own Self-Publishing experience!


I think this is a wonderful and interesting time to be alive.

What do you think?

The future together is bright.

Join me.

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You make it sound so easy! If only the bit before was as easy! I've been thinking about writing some of my fiction ideas here on Steemit so when I build up the courage I'd love your critique! Looking forward to your future posts! Upvoted, resteemed and followed.


Thanks, I am working on my second self-published book now and am in the editing and formatting stages.

It takes work, but is well worth the effort!

Yeah, I love fiction and have shared some here on stemmit, so yeah give it a go!


Keep up the great work and congratulations on nearly finishing your second book!


Thanks again!

Upvoted and resteemed :-)


Great thanks!

Very interesting. Thank you.


Thanks and I hope you find this useful!

I've Posted a few of my Short Stories here on Steemit.
Plan 79633Z was to collect them and self publish.
So your blow by blow guide is a great help. Thanks for Posting



I love to help people and great to see that more people are taking steps to make their dream come true!