Writers Block

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Are you unable to get anything on your page? That happens to me all the time lately. Again today was not really my most productive day ever. Worrying about stuff going on is obviously the reason. There were quite a lot of ideas in my head but none of them stimulated me so much that I wanted to continue with it. I only felt that I became more and more restless and then I would rather go on reading and figuring out complicated law cases .

A writer's block It is when you have no inspiration for a long time. But usually we also call shorter periods of no inspiration a writer's block and it is nothing more than a congestion in the energy flow. The best way to solve such a blockade is to give the stream a fresh start. Living on an island is never boring.

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There are different kinds of blocks. If you are blocked because you are uneasy about not having done something you are supposed to do, then do not try to write, for it will be mechanical, not creative.

If you just cannot think of any idea worth writing of, then open a few posts on steemit and make some real comments...that will get you going, while at the same time you will have made a few people happy - and, who know, maybe a new friend also. It will also get you into the writing mindset again and ideas will flow once more.

Agree with you :)


Took a look at your posts, but I mainly see dmania, which I do not find interesting. If you post any stories or articles, let me know.

hmmm...strange, you did not find even one person on steemit worth following...either you are very picky (good) or just not friendly...I'll guess it is the first option.