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RE: Sarah, Returned--Chapter Six (A Steemit Original Novel)

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I'm glad you liked it. I spent a year living in New Hampshire, and had been to Dover numerous times before that for vacations. There is a strong genealogical connection to one branch of my family there, and, being a genealogist, visits to the Dover public library were common for years. During the year I lived there, when I got transferred to New Hampshire for a job, I got to know Dover and the whole Strafford County area intimately. So, the descriptions of the town you're reading and will read are accurate and real. You could actually go to Google Maps and see some of the landmarks I mention in the book. :)

Of course, most of the traveling starts immediately following this chapter. I'm glad it was suitably tense. My mother isn't on Steemit, but she's been reading along as I post this, and she expressed surprise at just how evil Karen is after reading this chapter.


Oh yes, I remember now that you were interested in genealogy.
As I read the next chapter, I thought it seemed like a real place that you knew well.

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