STACH Short Story Contest #19: 199 words, 5 winners, 15SBD prize pool!

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Hello Everyone, @kingst here with the announcement for the STACH Short Story Contest #19.

What is a Short Story.

A short story is a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel. It makes use of plot, resonance, and other dynamic components to a far greater degree than is typical of an anecdote. You can read it in less than 90 seconds.

Contest Rules:

•Write a Short Story based on the topic that will be given every week.
•Write an Original Short Story (Plagiarism will be flagged and reported).
•The Story must contain no more than 199 words.
•One entry per user.
•Story should be pasted in the comment section below, no links.
•Contestants are permitted to post their stories in an article on their blog, so they also get upvotes from the @stach trail.

Winners Selection.

Winners will be selected based on the topic, story plot, number of words and delivery as determined by the selected Judge. One word above 199, disqualifies the entry.

Contest Topic.

Write a 199 words story based on THE HAUNTED TRAIL.


FIVE winners will be selected for a share of the 15SBD. The story with the most interaction gets a 1SBD prize from @ejemai.
First Prize: ----------------------4SBD
Second Prize: ------------------3.5SBD
Third Prize: ---------------------3SBD
Fourth Prize: -------------------2.5SBD
Fifth Prize: ----------------------2SBD

Good luck guys!

Sharpen your writing skills and throw in some inspiring short stories. XO!

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  ·  last year (edited)

Joyce was a good friend of mine who opened a new grocery store by the corner of the town. Overtime this store became very popular and attracted the attention of a lot of customers. Soon bizarre things started happening.

I was a live witness to a few of these events on my second visit to her in Cape Town, South Africa. This kept me curious.

Every morning as she unlocked the shop, the first thing she does is to pick up the fruits and vegetables which have been scattered all over the floor. The oddest thing is that the fruits or vegetables are never bruised or damaged in anyway. If they were, she would never put them back. I personally observed there were no marks on them.

I was fed up with the suspense and thus voiced out my curiosity. Joyce explained that this has been happening for the past six years. She reported a black shadowy shape that hovered inside the shop and usually disappeared at human presence which people observed from the glass windows of the shop during the early hours of the night.

That really got me terrified. "Could that be a ghost trial?" I wondered.

Nice one girl. Are you from South Africa?

Thanks dear. I am not really from South Africa but i visit there from time to time. Why do you ask?

I have intentions of visiting SA soon.

I thought i was the only person who has seen

hahahaha. actually i didnt see the ghosts myself, but i saw the bizarre works of the ghost(s).

Have you eaten from your friend's store before? How did you feel about the food now that you know the vegetables used in cooking were ghost infested?

You know that feeling where you want to kill yourself but you just cant...lolz. That was what it felt like actually. I felt like vomiting all i have eaten from her shop....but you know nah; it isn't possible.

lol. I know that feeling.

Nice one gurl. I stayed in Cape Town for a couple of years too, though didnt have any ghostly encounters

Are you in SA at the moment? Thinking of a solid steemit outreach there in affiliation with @stach.

I am not at the moment. But i wouldn't mind taking a trip for such a great proposal you have there... Lets chat privately on discord for further updates.

Have my few cents @missglory. I wish to be a part of your steemit outreach with @prettyrose. You people should carry me along.

Buch of thanks @mrfelix for your few cents. About the meetup proposition from @prettyrose, we are yet to talk, but if it is going to happen, you shall be carried along. Lets steemit!

The University's hospital

When I was studying engineering, my boyfriend and I stayed late at the faculty because we were presenting the final exams. We had to walk to the bus stop, but to get there we had to pass in front of the morgue of the University's Hospital, we walked talking about the exam when we saw far away that an elderly man dressed in a white coat approached to us, his coat was stained with blood. As he approached, he disappeared. My skin bristled and we were very scared so we decided to run to a place where there was more lighting.

It is said that this road in front of the morgue is haunted and in the night you can see ghostly presences that would scare even the bravest ones. Since then, we never again studied until such late hours at night.

The Dark Cottage

Tom woke up animated, had rented an isolated cabin in the mountains, 3 hours from the nearest town.

When Tom came to town to stock up on food and water, the store manager looked at him strangely, when he told him he would stay at the “Bears” cabin. It had been about 5 years since anyone had rented it, since they had found skinned a couple who had rented it.

Tom listened to the tales of the people, but he paid no attention to him, it was only witches' stories, to scare the children and keep the adults away. Tom was having a great time since he came to the cabin until ...

Tom woke up scared by screams heartbreaking pain, when getting out of bed and open the door he found a trail of blood on the floor, which was heading to the kitchen, Tom followed him and what he saw helo blood a woman skinned, with wide eyes that looked at him imploring the kill.

Tom ran away leaving everything behind him, but the ghost of the woman follows the trail of Tom tormenting him every day ....


An old man wearing a long nightshirt would always appear to a little Ryde girl when her family was living in an old small house in Royce Road, once occupied by workers at a nearby hotel.

Tina, now grown up, recalls, "It happened when I was about six or seven. As I was lying in bed, an old man would appear near my wardrobe. It was a child's wardrobe and was probably about four feet in height. The old man, who was misty white colour, appeared to be counting money or dealing cards. The old man never spoke. He didn't seem aware of me at all and I never really saw his face, but I could sense he was friendly and meant no harm."

Elsewhere within same vicinity, Mnady and his wife knew nothing of their daughter's elderly visitor. They did however notice other manifestation which took the form of smells wafting through one particular room.

"We used to get a very sweet smell, like jasmine, which would fill the lounge. It never happened anywhere else and we were at a loss to account for it. It never stopped." "This must definitely be a friendly ghost trail," Mnady concluded.

199 Words

Can deathbed still harbour the spirit of its last occupant? When Dan and Janny brought a bed, in which a relative had died, to their home, it filled the room with what they described as "the smell of death".

Dan, a retired senior technical monitor described the experience as beyond rational explanation. The bed had been lent to Dan's wife, so that her father could be nursed downstairs. Shortly after he died on the bed, they took it back in.

"From then that room smelt of death," Dan said. "Whatever we did, we could not get rid of it. The smell became too bad that my wife, Janny, could not go into the room. We even resorted to taking the bed to another house entirely, but the trail continued"

"I knew it was my dad and would not hurt me, but the smell was oppressive that I even was afraid to stay alone in the house, " Janny confessed.

Janny was fed up! One night she walked upstairs and spoke into the air, "Listen Dad, you are dead, go and rest, we love you and will meet you again. Goodnight Dad, now leave us." That alone saved the situation.

  ·  last year (edited)

I love your work too. Upvoted! I had a similar experience with my grand father's burial place. Actually he was buried beneath a living room. You can literarily smell death in that room.

Odeyemi continued his journey in search for his love, this time threading softer, unsure of what's next. The night's weather wasn't helpful either. The Fog grew thicker with cold, the bizarre birds' attack left his clothes shredded. His torch fast quenching.

Somewhere from the right, wails rented the air. Odeyemi almost jumped out of his skin. He sneaked to the direction. There he found a man almost his age crouched, crying over a body completely ripped from the torso.

Gruesome! Odeyemi pulled the man away, but as he began to empathize, he suddenly noticed the man had huge fangs. He was the beast!

Odeyemi ran until he got to a path forked. He looked back and found he was no longer chased. On the far left path, an irresistible damsel appeared. Her features volumptous! She beckoned on him. Lust engulfed him. They got to her shed,repugnant, bloody. Unbothered, he undressed hastily. They were both naked, she was on him. He suddenly felt a sharp pain. He looked down and then he saw, she was the beast. In his hot blood, he'd realised, he'd ventured into the hauted trail!

All the best dearie.

Thanks @eunireal1

I like your story...

  ·  last year (edited)

The path of shadows

I had never taken this narrow road before, flanked by a thick mountain trying to invade its space, but the constant steps of people do not allow the grass to grow. It’s a long trail of yellow earth, I want to get to the other side, a strange sensation invades my body, I feel as if someone is following me. I turn around to see behind me and I do not see anyone, I accelerate the pace. There is total silence, there’s only the sound that occurs in the ears when nothing causes it outside, white noise. Not even the wind appears in this space that makes it feels more and more unreal.

I hurriedly follow the path, only me and my shadow that I see projected onto the flattened earth, until I suddenly stop at what I’m seeing, another shadow accompanies mine, I look desperate to all sides and I do not see anyone. Horrified, I start to run, I see that the spectrum chases me, I stumble and fall to the ground, I have reached the end of the road.

Heart bite

She walked every day on that catwalk covered with stones. Her steps sounded melancholy and I followed her, without knowing it, as if my life depended on it.

It was a simple coincidence.

Ignoring the loneliness of that passage of the square, I walked aimlessly, listening to a voice that did not know where it came from.

At each step, the path was shadowed by the long, loaded branches of the trees. Silence invaded every corner and besides my footsteps on the granite, there was not a single noise.

When I had already traveled a long way, a strange sensation invaded me. A soft song attracted me and I discovered a woman sitting at the foot of a tree. She was a strange woman, almost transparent and when her eyes fell on me I felt that they were squeezing my heart. A very deep pain invaded me and I almost lost my breath. With all the strength I got I looked away and all the pain left me. I ran to the Plaza without looking back.

When I asked what was happening there they answered me: boy, that trail is haunted.

The owl

When I was a little girl we lived in a small village surrounded by forests. It was midnight, I was walking back home with my mother from my aunt Mirian's house, on a path through the forest. Then, an owl hovered over us, squawking loudly. My mother quickened her pace, she held my hand tightly, and looked down.

− It's just an animal - I said skeptically.

− Don’t look at her! - she answered without raising her head - She is in that tree.

Without paying attention to what my mother said, I looked up and saw her. The woman was dressed in black robes; she was hidden among the treetops. She had her hair so long and black that she was swinging at the mercy of the wind. She had big eyes and a deep look that almost paralyzed me. The woman began to squawk again, it was like a scream that invoked the evils of the night and then, she went flying.

− Lower your head! - ordered my mother− She is hungry.

The haunted trail

Samantha came home late, I was upset she could go out and come at any time, I had to stay locked up, I was arta, something had to do, one day I decided to investigate about witches and santeros, and found a page where my problems were they would solve, one night with black candles, a red cloth and a picture of her, I would make a prayer to exchange papers, my plan went perfectly, the next day I was ready, at last I would party, when I walked through the streets it was something strange all the avenues were the same, without exit, I stop and I see that one of the bloodied walls said "follow the trail", I did not understand what happened but desperate I followed it I wanted to get to the party, I was so eager, I did not notice the road was not only full of blood, this was accompanied by pieces of body parts, when I am a few centimeters from my destination the head was the final point, surprised, was the samantha, my wish was finally fulfilled, she would not be more bothersome and only I would arrive at midnight.

The Path of Mike

Mike Miller left the school on his way home, went with his friends and his dog and decided to go for a walk in the woods. Walking in the woods his friends played a joke on him and left him minutes later and that was the last time they saw Mike. His family reported him as missing, the dog never returned to mike's house and a few days later Mike was found where the tree is, dead. Somebody killed him and left his body in that place. This made his friends feel guilty and they never walked in that place.

Years later, a similar event occurs with Dilan, another boy who disappears in the same forest, but his body never appeared again. This fact is related to mike's since many people claim to have seen their silhouette in the forest. Today, through the forest only sounds like tears and blows are heard and some people hear the barking of a dog but never find one. Everybody believe that the soul of mike can not rest in peace and walks on the paths of the forest.

by @norkamooran

The Hospital Haunt

Nurse Ivy James had a bizarre encounter with the ghost of one of the hospital's old nurses one night. Ivy had gone upstairs to fetch a bed-pan for a patient from the sluice room, but as she took one off the shelf, a hand shot out and grabbed it back. That hand belonged to a nurse dressed in what looked like a late Victorian nurse's uniform.

For a ghost she was surprisingly too strong, and as Ivy yanked the bed-pan away from her again, the phantom nurse pulled it back. It developed into quite a tug of war. "If anyone had come into the sluice then, they would have had the fright of their lives to see a bed pan floating through the air like that," laughed Ivy.

The experience repeated itself around the hospital subsequently and the hospital authorities resorted to relocating the hospital down town. The haunt even became more terrific upon the relocation to the new site; the ghost nurse graduated from dragging bed pans to dragging pharmaceutical drugs from patient's within the hospital premises. Till date, solutions are still being sort for this horrible haunting trail.

My dog ​​tom forever

Stefanny on a Friday night after an exhausting day of work, comes home to rest and watch a movie in the company of some popcorn and her dog tom, when she hears an overwhelming sound that does not let her concentrate, a leak in the bathroom maybe, but the strange thing was that it was not raining, stefanny tries not to pay attention and keeps watching the movie and caressing his pet, after a few minutes the sound was more and more intense, he had no choice but to stand up, for his amazement his dog tom was hanging and the sound he heard were the drops of blood that fell to the ground, he never knew who caressed that night, without caring every night he went to see him and give him food, tom would be his dog forever.

The haunted trail

A few kilometers from the house where I lived in my childhood, there is a land that from the 18th century until the middle of 20th century, was occupied by a small building of Franciscan missionaries. It is said that more than 100 religious lived in that building served as shelter, dispensary and church and as time passed in the backyard a crypt was built to bury those who were dying.
In the middle of the 60's, and before some changes that took place in the Catholic Church, including what was called the theology of liberation, the building was demolished and a beautiful playground full of leafy trees was displayed on the ground, swings, slides and rounds. However, it was striking that there was a space in the back of the park that no child wanted to approach and when he did he cried inconsolably for no apparent reason.



In the mid-1980s, when youth gangs resurfaced, the park became infamous for being the scene of several murders and most of the violent events took place precisely in that space that, due to the bad energy that radiated, was called the haunted trail.

The Haunted Trail

Mrs. Florence lived alone on the bank of the forbidden river and never had any visitors.
She has lived there for about 20years now since her husband passed away.

She rarely talks to anyone but herself, atleast that's what the physical eye sees.

Some say she communicates with her dead husband.


some others say she just talks to herself to feel less bored.

Whichever story was true, Phillip was prepared to go see for himself why the old lady lived there and was unharmed still even when the place was forbidden.
Phillip told his best friend Austin who warned him about it reminding him that no one has ever gone there except the old lady.

Mrs. Florence came to the village square to get some stuffs from the market. On her way going back, Phillip followed the trail of the lady's flip-flop without telling Austin so he won't talk him out of it.
The next day Phillip was no where to be found, Phillip's parent asked Austin for the whereabout of their son. After 2 weeks, Phillip's dead body was found on the shores of the river.

I woke up to the sound of creepy birds chirping loudly across the window, I had told my roommate that I have a terrible suspicion about this room but she kept saying I worry over little things too much.
Maria and I are corp members that just packed into a room after series of fruitless search for an apartment, I noticed the way the landlady smiled mischievously when we handed her the rent, she hastily grabbed it and said to us " you will surely enjoy it here" but Maria won't just observe anything.
"Wake up!" I shook Maria heavily, she sprang out of the bed and asked what could be the problem. I beckoned on her to keep quiet while we tiptoed to the window "seems I heard a sound here" I whispered gently. Maria gave me the disdain look and made to return to bed. Just then, a hand made a trail of blood on the wall and we all screamed and ran out into the dark. Rumours had it that the room has been haunted by the landlady's late daughter since she was neglected by her mother and left to die in pains in there.

"It haunted the great-grandfather, it haunted the grandfather, it haunted the father, now it's after the son."
Nene had an animated look on her face as she told her story.
"It was a time of war, the kings were to lead their army to war.
As custom demanded, King Jaja couldn't go to war without sacrificing to the God of war. He needed to win the support of his people which seemed to be dying out. To win the favor of the gods he beheaded twenty-one eighteen year old virgins.
The spirit of those virgins had haunted the kings family for generations.
Around the time of their eighteenth birthday, the daughters from that family become possessed by the vengeful spirits of the murdered virgins.
On the day they turn eighteen, they're brutally raped and slit on the throat by an unknown individual. This had happened for generations. No daughter of that family had crossed eighteen. Some have tried to escape by travelling abroad, others have been locked indoors for years, with the hope of surviving above eighteen but they all met the same fate.
It was a haunted trail; from one generation to the next.
Who can stop it?"

Cool story, the sins of the fathers catching up with the children

Vengeance through generations. Wow does that really happen? Nice story though

Sounds scary, children suffering for the sins of their ancestors. Your story ehn

Cool story, I loved it, it was kinda spooky

You're a good writer, really haunted story

The Haunted Trail

I held her hands as we walked through the path. We had fun today, so much fun that she didn't want to leave me just yet so I agreed to walk her home and extend our time together.

Look at this beautiful hibiscus 🌺

Becky, my girlfriend exclaimed as she picked it up.

Due to her love for flowers I knew she wouldn't drop it. As we moved on I was shocked for a moment as she tossed it away but almost immediately, she picked up another hibiscus 🌺.

They must come from somewhere, let's go look for the source

Becky said with excitement.

We were getting out of the path to Becky's home but then I decided to let her have her way since she was really excited about it.

She soon got her hands full with hibiscus 🌺 and was really excited but then strange things started happening:

There was blood all over her hands and gradually, the hibiscus flower 🌺 changed to blood
We started hearing loud voices on the dark path

Just then i realized we followed the Haunted trail we never believed from the legend.

The Haunted Trail

For a while now, after ten in the evening, there were these strange cries that could be heard outside the village, as if children were being gutted. By midnight, the cries sounded as if they were right outside our windows. No one knew who was crying.
A shaman resided outside the village so I went to fetch her. All plea that we leave before dark fell on deaf ears. We ended up leaving when it was dark.
I was on tenterhooks.
In less than twenty minutes, the cries started. Bringing out talismans, she muttered something, and as if on cue, wraiths attacked her. Not waiting to see the aftermath, I took to my heels. Not long after, the cries replaced her screams. I was alone, and in enemy territory.
The village was a couple of minutes away. Chancing a glance backward, I could make out their outline, as they chased me.
Using adrenaline, I barely made it past the village boundary with them close behind but they could not cross over till midnight. The entire trail was covered in their shadows as they cried.
Never again am I taking that path!


Ola and Ade were very good friend. They share things in common and also they keep each other secrets. I tell you their friendship was beyond the one of a close brother.

In the land of Aiye-De, it was forbidden to go to the farm every last Friday of the month. Who ever is guilty of this will have to face great consequences and the wrath of the gods or sacrifice will be carried to apeace the gods of the land.

Such day by the villagers believe the god of harvest do make a visit to their farm and bless their hand work by giving them good harvest in return. Ola as a teenager has ask his mom several time the story or misery behind the day but he was unable to get a story that will satisfy his hunger, so one day he decided to visit the farm on the day that the god do visit them.

Ola told Ade about his plan, which Ade tried to stop him, but ola has made up his mind and on that faithful day he visited the farm but he was unable to see any god. Ola return and told Ade it was all lies there are know gods who they believed do visit their farm

Ola began to have mysterious nightmare day after day seeing different creatures chasing after him in the dream. Ola could know longer hold it, but eventually told his mom about what he has done.

The Beautifull Haunted Trail


It was a familiar walk through the countryside, where there were beautiful landscapes formed by lakes, flowers and a beautiful inn where they will surely stay. The place seemed calm and there was a lot of peace, therefore, the family will enjoys it. Children will start playing, tell their dads than they will go around to see the place, they happy ones and enchanted by the beautiful trail that they had just found and they saw a beautiful house at the end and tell: It's an inn, let's go in! Surprise for them, there was nobody in the place, when suddenly all the doors and windows closed with them inside, trying to escape, they felt very afraid for not being able to leave the place, until one of the brothers in hole went to give, he call others to escape, run fast to tell their parent that happened in that place, the owner of the inn where he stayed, he heard and laughed incessantly, saying to the parents than this is the only inn that exists in the place, but every children imagine terrible story this of that beautiful trail that they have to visit.


Long time ago, in the land of kutuje lives an ancient story about the agbada. Agbada is one of the dreaded masquerade in the land of kutuje, because of the great and mysterious charm and magic the masquerade do perform.

Due to the power and authority this masquerade command, know body is allowed to look at it or else such a person will began to have Agbada as a visitor in his house. This law was applicable to both the indigen and visitors of that land. The town-cryer will have to made announcement about a week to the time this masquerade is about to come out to get everyone inform.

Anytime this masquerade is out all commercial activities is suspended and including farming. Everyone will be inside with his or her family.

One faithful day, Chuwku traveled to the town for a long period of time and was returning back to his village. Unfortunately for his the village was in "curfew" of Agbada. He was returning late in the night.

At the junction of the market square, he began to hear the sound of the song of agbada. He was afraid and immediately find a place to hide himself. The was able to arrived at his house that night but that started the misery of his life. Chuwku began to experience different appearing of masquerade in his house and every he goes until the right ritual was been carried out.

The Haunted Trail

Terasi, a lady who lived all her childhood days in a cave located in a forest was one day saw and helped by a hunter.

The hunter felt so sorry and had compassion on her by taking her out of the cave to live among the people of his own community.

To the hunter, he thought he was helping but not knowing he is making the biggest mistake of his life because terasi is not a human being but a vampire. She is just covering her body with human flesh.

The hunter introduced her to everyone in the community and they all welcomed her with peace and love including all the small children.

There are many counts of pregnant women in the community but unknowingly to them all that they are the main target of the vampire.

Terasi takes pleasure in killing and sucking pregnant women's blood because they have the power to produce offsprings. So this gives terasi more power and strength to live longer.

Every morning, five corpses of pregnant women was recorded daily. People wail, cry and mourn daily until a day that a man of God visited the community and chased her out after vision.

Finally, this time I'm catching the new contest at the right moment!



In the year of 1990 a couple lover of the nature, was on excursion in the Amazonian forest of Venezuela, with his backpack and his store of camping.

In their long journey they decided to take a dark path with courage because they wanted to live the adventure under the light of the moon.

A gust of wind whipped them and when the man got up and looked for his flashlight, he noticed that his girlfriend had disappeared.

Scared he began to run as fast as he could fleeing, he felt that he was being chased and listened paranormal voices that ended in echoes. The road seemed to have no end.

Unfortunately that thing caught him, he was losing consciousness because something was feeding on him so he quickly reacted and as he could he ran away bleeding out again for his life until he reached the town in the middle of the darkness.

His girlfriend never appeared and he unfortunately was no longer the same, red eyes plus hallucinations disturbed him.

It was never known of his existence and since then nobody has dared to walk down that haunted trail becoming this story in a legend.


James has being on the road for about 4 hours or there about.. All he he really wanted was to go home so bad but this was a new town and it had this ghastly feeling about it. It was 10:00 pm or there about and everywhere he seemed to turn he felt as though a malevolent force followed. 11:30 pm on this road and there was still no sign of anyonenone at all but that feeling... The feeling of haunted eyes watching him, a lingering presence an unseen evil.. Prying, stalking, waiting for the right time to pounce... Like a wild beast waits patiently for its prey.. Taking the most detailed time and effort to prepare for the kill... Suddenly he heard a rustle from behind the bushes.. Unable to take bear the fear and suspense he takes off.. Picking the pace and not dearing to look back for the fear of affirming his suspicion.. The rustling increases to heavy thumps.. Thumps increasing the pace followed by the most terrifying howls and shadowy winged figures..
From out of the shadows a dark winged figure jumps out and pounces on poor James.. Screaming and wailing James wakes up from this frightening dream..
HHAAA What a relief it was all just a dream.. But wait.. Where am I?? Where is this?? Oh no!! This is trail..

The Haunted Trail

“I was shown in a vision a group of witches that hang on our fencing wall,” Chi reported to his Daddy that early morning. “How did you identify what you saw as witches? Perhaps you were experiencing nightmares from tropical malaria attack” the father clarified in low tone loaded with humour. “No Daddy, it was not malaria dreams,” Chi insisted. “The ugly masculine figures with fiery terrifying red eyes were impressed in my mind as witches that have come to attack the family.”

Within few weeks, Chi’s youngest sister became sick with constant fever. All medications that were arranged proved abortive; no treatment was effective. Before long the matter worsened and the need to consult a medical doctor became obvious. This dying baby-Ebube-was quickly taken to the hospital where it was discovered that all blood in her body mysteriously dried up. Urgent blood transfusion was recommended. A pint of blood from the father was quickly administered to her which saved the situation. Later Chi’s revelation was confirmed. A team of demons and witches roamed about in the household with an ugly intention to eliminate life. Grace of God sufficed and the wicked satanic enterprise was averted.

Mmama was a mother of three. Her last baby was just a few months old about the time a ghostly disturbance triggered in her house. Before now she never believed in ghosts or any other form of haunted trails.

Mmama was so terrified by a jealous ghost's obsession with her baby that she turned to the church for help in getting her lovely home rid of this undesirable torment. With a heavy heart she explains to the vicar: "we moved into this house towards the harmattan period precisely and we loved it here at first until on the Christmas Eve that the haunting began. I woke up to find that my baby girl, Chioma, had been removed from her crib and was lying at the bottom of our bed, on my foot. Neither myself nor the father had touched her before this event. This was impossible!"

Mmama was literarily shivering in terror as she narrated her ordeal. Still overwhelmed by the torror, she asked: "do ghosts exist?"

"Yes" the vicar replied. He added, "Fear not the terrors of the night, for the Lord is with you". He went to her home, prayed and blessed it and the haunting ended.

(199 Words)

Bruce stood over the hurriedly covered grave, sweat beaded his brow. The deed was done. He reached for the handkerchief in his breast pocket. He paused for a moment to consider the bloodstains on his cloth, before wiping his brow.
The grave digger took one last look around before turning back the way he had come into the deserted hikers trail. His footsteps hammered loudly into the silence of the forest as he surged on through the forest path.
He stiffened. The night was silent, the malevolent tone was evident.
“I will get you Bruuuuuce”
This time he saw her apparition, with blood pouring out of her throat through the place where he had slashed her.
A wave of panic hit Bruce really hard. His heart jumped in his throat, he bolted, hardly feeling his legs as he ran. She was coming for him…

Years after, a lot of local hunters and trail hikers have reported hearing eerie screams of the name “Bruce” ringing through the trail coupled with a few sightings of a spirit woman bleeding from the throat, moving swiftly through the woods. A few of these testifiers went back in to “investigate” and never returned.


The secret of the Sierra´s mountain

The mountains of Sierra de Perija in Venezuela (Zulia state) are beautiful but they hide the secret of a ghost that does not rest. The spirit of Rose Blade was trapped in this place after he died tragically while practicing a jump to emptiness.

Rosa was a girl who loved extreme sports, she liked to defy human laws and her passion for vacuum jumps made her make amazing turns. The sport of rose was to jump from a fairly high point of any of the mountain of the place, fall freely and finally open their parachutes to get safely to land, or not. But the young woman died while performing a feat, fell near a waterfall and died instantly.

The mountains of this Sierra contain many amazing history, and from each of them there is a legend. This place is visited by many hikers and tourists; many of them claim to have seen the silhouette of a woman behind the water of the waterfall. On cooler nights, rituals of witchcraft are practiced at specific points of the mountains. Here, are many stories to tell.

by williamjose

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Haunted trail

Who would ever believe Stanley would end up with a girl like Beth. Gorgeous, intelligent, amazing damsel.
Back at school, she was given the award of the best graduating student.
Stanley on the other hand was a good definition of "a loser". He was fat, clumsy, so not presentable.
Stanley had this low self esteem and always said "Beth likes making all the decisions".
They wanted to get a house and in order to get rid of the fights Beth allowed Stanley to make all the decisions, choose the location and all. Stanley felt like a man for once. He bought the new house and was very happy to show it to his lovely wife.
On a beautiful Saturday he asked Beth to accompany him to the place, she did. While they were going, Beth noticed the house was deserted, she complained but Stanley asked her not to worry. They entered the house and immediately they noticed a weird movement, Beth screamed and Stanley held her tight.
Just before Beth would understand what was happening, a shadow dragged Stanley into the basement she shouted, and ran away but the shadow never stopped haunting her.

The visit to the picturesque church of St. Andrew at Owerri, Imo State turned into a bizarre story for me and my sister Mary. As we wandered through the churchyard with its grey withered tombstones and ancient headstones, we noticed a small group of mourners standing at a newly-dug grave.

Funerals are a common sight in the churchyard, however there was nothing ordinary about this one. First, the mourners were grieving over what happened centuries ago as I tried to eavesdrop into their conversation. More so, the mourners, standing with their heads bowed at the graveside were all dressed in clothing more appropriate to the 1800s. Stranger still, as we entered the church itself, I felt time somehow slipping. It was a weird sensation; I was aware of the interior of the church changing as I stood there. Things seemed to move; the decorations on the wall altered; and I noticed the figure of a priest in long white robes standing at the altar. It was as if someone stepped back in time. I thought I was hallucinating until my sister Mary confirmed having similar sensation.

We were terrified, hurried outside again; THE MOURNERS HAD VANISHED… we ran!

In the bid for a new beginning Lolita made her way to another city because she has realised there has to be a change in her life but not in this town called Nobil. She got herself a new job, new look and a new wardrobe because now there is a breadth of fresh air in Suntown. Her life picked up gradually as she made new friends. Every time she would be asked out by different guys of notable reputation. She became certain that Suntown was meant for her to forget the past. Jenk was the favourite of all the dates she had had in recent times and they became close and decided to get married. Lolita was so excited that at last she would settle down. Jenk was so in love with Lolita, he was glad to have found a soul mate. Then Jenk came home one day wearing a red T-shirt and it began "the hunted trail" of her past when she was raped by an unknown person wearing that same colour and type of t-shirt. She had vowed to take revenge on that person and now the opportunity has come after waiting in vain in Nobil for a year.


       **The Haunted Trail**

We stole into the orchard in the dead of the night; three SS1 one boys looking for a decent mango tree to feast on.
A few minutes through the wet grass that littered the ground, we found the perfect tree.
Abdullahi made a quick stride up the tree
"Wait, I will do the plucking", he said, still meandering up with the help of nothing but the moonlight.

The first fruit fell, then the second and some more; before we heard a large thud.
Abdullahi lay motionless on the floor as it appeared he had landed on his head.
As we tried to get to him, something whisked him away into the bush at the end of the orchard.

Banzo shrieked and gripped my hand tightly. He struggled to speak and when I turned to him, I saw an old looking creature behind him, with scraggly hands over Banzo's mouth.
Before I could reach to help, he snatched him and left with the wind.

I raced back to the dorm, and I nearly fainted when I opened the door only to meet abdullahi and Banzo disembowelling Kabiu our roommate.

Nothing seemed right from there on. Nothing at all.

Haunted Trail

Moving from one place to another is something I so enjoy. I dnt understand why my parents always complained. My mom would start off by saying its so stressful and would want to point out the fact that she'd miss her friends.
Dad did the required and we were ready to move. I was the happiest person on earth at the moment.
Before evening we were done packing our stuff and were headed for our new house.
Who would believe that my dad with all his level of education and exposure would buy a house that has been abandoned for years.
My dad got off the car and asked us to start moving the things into the house. We moved everything, arranged and were almost settled.
Later that night, my mom was doing the dishes when she heard strange sounds from the yard. She was scared but decided to go check it out. She got there saw an old woman crawling. Immediately she screamed and ran into the house. She ran to my dad, told him and we left the house. While we were leaving, I noticed a little girl following us. I never stopped seeing that girl.

Blood was all over the living room!
Burex sat close to my dad's corpse and did not even wave his tail at me.
What could be the cause?

As I battled with my tears and the hope of wishing daddy would come back, The police were over the compound and I felt relieved and safe a bit but they wouldn't come in.
Instead they sounded out their trumpet, "Miss Doven! The police are here, come out with your hands above your head, any attempt to escape or cause harm will attract gunshot! "

Then I knew the case was different, I've been framed!
How could the police possibly think I'd murder my own dad?

As they repeatedly sounded that warning, I knew I had to make a fast decision! There was no-one I could rely on for hundred percent commitment without supervision and I could neither supervise from the police cell!
The back door was open, I could find my way out through the fence before they knew it.

As I escaped, Burex was over me like a guard and we ran never looking back, so I decided to haunt the murderer of my Father!

Ngozi otobo, a beautiful young maiden fell in love with nosa and got married to him. Unknown to Ngozi, nosa was a married man with 4kids which he left back there in Benin in search of a greener pasture in Lagos where he met Ngozi. Nosa's wife queen heard about nosa getting married to an igbo woman and decided to come down to Lagos with here 4 children just to make Ngozi's life hell. Queen is a witch and she did all she could to kill nosa and Ngozi's. She also vowed to make the lives of Ngozi's children living hell for them. Queen killed her 5th child Ivie as a sacrifice to destroy Ngozi and her children . She did charms to kill nosa first by dropping a poison in front of his room for him to match and die but unfortunately Ngozi stepped on the charms and fell ill and eventually died.upon ngozi's death, Nosa's took it upon himself to protect himself and ngozi's children by all means possible from queen his first wife They would always fast and pray. A profecy came from a pastor that queen was responsible for the death of Ngozi and that queen is planning to kill two of ngozi's children too. After series of prayers all the evil queen planned was destroyed and she fell ill too and died. The children of queen decided to kill Nosa their father because they believe he killed their mother queen. Another profecy came through a man of God that osawese queen's eldest soon wants to take the life of his father Nosa within a period of 2months after the burial of their mother queen. The battle to save the life of Nosa and ngozi's children is still on.
Queen will be buried next week and the countdown begins to two months..............

The princess of ulu ulu atama

The day my dad finds out about us, is the day our misery begin. but for now, i'd rather we appreciate the fact that fortune has smiled on us. I'd rather die in your arms than anywhere else, said Princess ulu.

Now The worse had happened, everyone was at a stand still, awaiting the kings reaction, princess ulu thinks all hell will break lose, her father "The king" had just discovered here secret romance. But to everyone's surprise, he cant seem to hide the joy he feels inside. what are you waiting for!!! said the king, Get a date for the wedding.

Its the D day, the long awaited moment, everyone in the kingdom had gathered for the long awaited ceremony. The gunmaker had prepared a special gun as a gift for the king, which is to be tested at the wedding ceremony.

Now everybody is seated, hopes are high, the king is standing with the gun, to make his first shot. In a slit second, there is silence everywhere, the king had pulled the trigger, only for him to miss and the bullet went directly to the belly of his only daughter.

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I still had the fresh burnt memory of him.

Danny and I met at this garden a few months ago. I felt in love with his sweet masculine smile. He always had this vanilla smell of cologne which I liked. He wasn't just the type I'd pass for a joker. But maybe I played the wrong card- or maybe there was no card at all. But am sure it was love or something more than infatuation.

He come.

I heard the leaves rustling behind. The dried brown leaves breaking seemed to know how my heart was breaking too. Yet, I was hopeful, for what, I didn't really know.
He tapped my shoulder, sending a shiver through my spine. I started feeling weird as I turned round.
"Danny, so you followed my trail" I blurted.
What I saw- a being with a round face but no features. It is him but not his face! Did I love a ghost?
I shrieked. Screamed. And shouted but nobody seemed to hear me.
At a point I couldn’t hear my voice and couldn’t feel my leg too.
He was reaching out to me. Slowing.

Then I woke up.

On a beautiful day we had four people traveling to test our guts in a haunted place. not yet reached the place there is already a shadow that waved us to get closer. as a result our bodies all vibrate so on without any commando we run away as fast as lightning. Sweat profusely did not we ignore, thorny branches no longer felt in the skin, some did not care about his sandals broke up. One kid left behind, almost pissing on his own pants.

That left my cousin, Aldi, who was running slowly. He ran away screaming, "there is a sighting!"

All of that was my experience 12 years ago, when the galaxies-themed television show was triumphant. The boys around my house share a role. There are children who have to be sacrificed, being a figure who dwells in the location is considered spooky or haunted.

Often, to mimic a gut test event, we skip schooling. With a flashlight and a compass, we go to the cemetery or just to the back of the house.

Until now, the terms "test of guts" and "wave to the camera" have become a kind of hereditary joke, even for generations that do not experience their own mystique of mystery programs.


Ade so frustrated and in need of money resolved to do a ritual for quick and easy money. oh, only if he knows the end result. He meets the ritualist and was required to bring the heads of innocent children and foetus of pregnant women. Desperate Ade goes into haunting of lives for rituals, so he can get temporal wealth, temporal happiness and temporal gain, oh, if only he had known the repercussions.

Days past, he is now rich, everything seems normal and perfect, but does ill-gotten money lasts? No.
All night Ade keeps hearing the cry of innocent babies and the wailings of women killed and ripped off their premature children. Ade is in regrets, he can’t sleep anymore neither is he happy, he is losing his senses, he keeps talking to himself, it is now obvious something is missing upstairs.

Now, the whole wealth is liquidating, business Is crumbling, it is obvious the blood of the innocent he shed is after him. He relocates thinking things will be better, but he was wrong, the blood of the innocent he shed kept trailing him. Oh, it's obvious he can’t run from it anymore.


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the town of Dobo was what anyone would comfortably call "creepy".
Therein did dwell all manner of diabolic human beings, the most feared being Guru-Pee who was rumored to have died five times an still came back to the land of the living, each return was accompanied with a new form of evil, there had been reports of missing livestock and little children but the chiefs and their priest were helpless as to finding a lasting solution (they all knew who was responsible but were too scared to say) ..
everyone in Dobo avoided the paths leading to and from Guru's decrepit hut made of mud.
on that faithful night, Tafoo had been compelled by the love he had for Titi to get out of his house and go on a search with only his lantern and a fragile pole in the absence of a company (he grew impatient when his friend Koma lingered behind). 10mins into the search, he became more optimist when he pick up a trail, "this is definitely Titi's" he muttered to himself but he hadn't realized he was in the middle of nowhere, no, not until he finally heard her bleat from a few meters away... Suddenly, the stench of decaying flesh and the sight of bones greeted his feeble senses.
"Oh crap!" he whispered to the empty space when he confirmed the very hut he thought to have heard Titi's sound from was actually the dreaded Guru-Pee's hut...
Some rustling in the bush and really weird growl could only but spell DOOM to Tafoo....

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She beckoned at him to follow. Instantly, Chidi turned away from the group and followed the woman down the narrow trail that led to the ancient shrine. A cold draught of air hit his face as the clouds darkened and the voices of his cousins, arguing, faded away.

The last time he saw Uju was five years ago when he last visited the village. Then she was pregnant. He wanted to ask how her child was but he felt a lump rise in his throat to stop him from speaking.

They soon reached an isolated hut, he had never seen before. In front of it laid a baby, crying. It must be her child, Chidi reckoned.
With one deft movement, she placed the baby in his arms and shooed them away.

Chidi returned to the shouts of Ola, his cousin who had been looking for him.
He told her he had just been with Uju and her baby.
Couldn’t Ola see the child in his arms? He asked, raising the bundle in his arms to her.

It was a blood stained log in his arm.

Uju died at childbirth, five years ago, a perplexed Ola told him.


Once upon a time, there lived a king in the town of kentutu. The king's name was abutu. He was respected so well by all men and every elders of the town.

Things was going on smoothly during the reign of the king. Everywhere was peaceful, lovely and enjoyable by everyone living in there, but not until a ghost visitation into the town that brought inhuman behavior and haunted about 80% of the community inhabitants.

Previously, before the king was enthroned many sacrifices had been made. King abutu was the first king to be enthroned in kentutu town. Before the kings enthronement, the chief priest of the town had already told the king the consequences of those sacrifices but not revealing to anyone in the town.

The chief priest told the king that his first 20 years on the throne shall be peaceful and enjoyable, but immediately this 20 years elapsed, the next 20 years would be brutality and horrible because of the albino's blood used as sacrifice for healing the land. So his vengeance will always come after every 20 years of peace in the community.

The king already agreed but unknowingly to inhabitants. Humm! What a tragedy!

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The Haunted Trail
Twas half past nine. Right before Alex was a bush path which was believed to be haunted. He would brace himself and go through the trail after all he didn't believe in spirits. It was a 5min walk to his apartment.

Halfway through the path, he heard a growl accompanied by a sudden surge of breeze. His pace quickened. Ahead of him was an image of a child clad in a white robe, suspended in air. Even as he drew close, he could feel his heart race fast. Then there was a tap on his shoulder and when he looked over his shoulder, he found no one in sight. When he turned to the spot he'd seen the child, again emptiness. He sighed, his mind was playing tricks on him.

Voices echoed his name in all directions but there wasn't anybody in sight. His shirt damp from sweating profusely. Lightening struck incessantly as he trod then a headless image with arms outstretched towards him made him bolt into a hot sprint, looking back and dodging trees momentarily. He'd run for five mins and discovered he was back in the same spot he'd started from; he was running in circles.

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It was called the blind trail for a reason. The story goes that the mayor of the nearby town rounded up the entire town and gauged out their eyes and buried them along the trail.

Sherry and Her friends were fresh out of high school and into college. So they took a trip to Salt Wood cabins. Sherry has always been intuitive and so had her reservation about the trip but then her friends coaxed her into coming along.

So far the trip was fun, with music and laughs and pictures until it was not anymore when Josh took a short cut which could as well be their last.

The cabins were just beyond the trees ahead so they parked the car and decided to go by foot. They stumbled upon a lonely trail filled with fog. Sherry felt a little shiver in her spine and opted to turn back but her friends laughed and went on.

Paranormal activities began to manifest as the friends were going blind and getting impaled. She explained to the police but no one would believe her as she was the only one who survived the haunted trail.


The Haunted Trail

He lives alone on the outskirts of town. Some say he is a recluse, others say he is a criminal in hiding. Nevertheless, Salewa is drawn to this tall, dark and handsome enigma like a moth to a flame.

He visits the book club every Friday by 2pm. Today is Friday and Salewa is in the book club by 1.55pm. He walks in. She watches as he picks a book, pays the elderly storekeeper and walks out, head bent low, the Mercedes Benz face cap shielding his eyes.

Salewa follows from afar and has to run a little to keep up with him. The road narrows to a trail as they approach the edge of town and he disappears into a sharp corner. She hurries to catch up and turns the corner but he is nowhere in sight.

She looks around, baffled, wondering and suddenly spies a man's figure behind an ugly gnarled tree on the left. She suddenly realizes that everywhere feels unnaturally cold and everything looks ugly. Strange tingles run along her spine, goosebumps rise gently on her skin. Suddenly she knows! She has walked into a haunted trail!


He was a cat in his former life. No one understands why he doesn’t kill the rats in his house.

How does he explain the evil he did in his former live?

Whenever he remembers his deeds in his last existence as a cat, and that orphan of a rat, those memories leave him a haunting trail of thoughts.

It is a hard thing to live with guilt. But he had no choice. That was what his owner wanted him to do.

He had been bought as a cat to kill the rats in the home of his human owner. For months, he chased and murdered them in cold blood while his owner cheered. For every rat he killed, guilt stole a piece of him.

On one of those gloomy days, he killed the most hapless rat he had ever seen—a young orphan.

That was his breaking point. He couldn’t take it anymore. He was done being a cat, done killing for humans.

He committed the first suicide in the history of cats. He returned to life as human.

He now owns a home full of rats. He doesn’t need a cat. These rats will live in peace.

We should have stayed back in our tent Mark said to himself. He had a very bad feeling about this. His daughter Sarah had seen footprints and was curious as to where they lead. Who else was here? He asked..they had picked a secluded place to camp because they wanted privacy(they would later realize it was a terrible idea). As they followed the trail, they heard a loud noise but could not make the direction it came from because it was distorted. Before they knew what was happening,Luke was snatched away by some figure. They looked everywhere for him but he was no where to be found. They were still trying to figure out their next line of action when they heard the same sound,this time it was Sarah that was taken. They didn't know whether or not to go look for her or just run for their lives. They decided to run as the strange being came after them. What was in the woods? Will they survive this? Are Sarah and Luke alive? They wondered. But one thing they knew for sure was that if they survived this, they were never going camping again.



Many say that my life will be long and at the same time boring, seeing as I have no sense of adventure. Little did I know that all they thought about me was soon to change? I took a decision that altered my existence for ever.
That Saturday afternoon I decided to go out for a stroll since my head was clogged with work and the stress that follows. On that head relieving stroll I saw a stray. This puppy looked so cute to be abandoned in this corner of the earth. I picked her up and decided to adopt it that instant; little did I know that she had escaped a very gruesome death.
Every morning she ran off and when I chased her she was at the same spot where I found her, I had no idea why she always did that. Then one day I decided to stay there with her till late. I lost my sense of humanity that day.
Turns out that my puppy was a sacrifice for some god, and I became food just because I chose adventure over wisdom.
The puppy became my haunted trail. I DIED THAT DAY.

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Arya turned around slowly. The blood was dripping from her black knife, the gift from her father. Oh, if he only knew how often she would use it. But he is gone now, and that knife is all she has left to protect herself. She was listening carefully. A second ago she heard something in the hallway, and she knew she must move very quietly. She swiftly hid behind the wall of the kitchen, waiting. Suddenly, a hand was holding her neck, and she was gasping for air. She quickly turned around, grabbed the hand of a man who was holding her, and pulled a knife over his throat.

Her heart was flying out of her chest, and she ran out from the house and into the field. She couldn't believe they found her here. How did they know where to look? Maybe they found out it was her fathers house when he was a child. But how could they know that? She instinctively grabbed her left arm. Her tattoo was still hidden beneath the sleeve. She thanked God for that as she continued to follow the trail through the forest.

No be joke. it was as early as 5am. Just came from night class, on my way to my room off campus, little did I know that some indigenes were going to be out doing some no good ritual ceremony.
Me, just having my alone walk with my ears completely plugged in, didn’t even hear the distant incantations for me to gallant… I just took the bend where all of them dey, I saw about 8 men, walking in pairs and throwing certain objects around and saying some words, nobody need tell me anything, I just press reverse, turned around immediately, but it was too late, someone already saw me and alarmed the rest.
Oh boi ye, see run, thank God for the head start and the fact that it was almost day break…these people hunted my trail until they ran out of time. I had to hide in a dustbin until I heard regular people’s voices. When I came out, people looked at me like I was mad, I no even look their face, they no know wetin I don see.

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Do you know that as soon as I stepped out, after Jemimah, the world changed? Do you know that the trail that I took everyday became a nightmare? That I heard voices calling my name, pleading with me to take them away from their pain?

You know that fallen tree? Is there a path beside it? Do you know I found a path beside it and as I stepped on it, Eucharia appeared, a bleeding mass in her arms? Do you know she stretched her arms towards me and asked me to carry our baby? Do you know I ran, even as grasses, creepers and unknown things tore at my face, grabbed my legs, and blocked my path?

Do you know that at every interval, as I ran, I met a girl that I had broken? That I met her?

Do you know how I had mourned her, wept and prayed for her return, though not like this; with blood in her eyes and hunger on her lips.

"Do you mind if I stepped away from the stink of the grave that permeates you" I had asked.

Do you know she had pushed me? Jesus!!

The Haunted Trail.

I face the scary figure again and this time, stared into its empty face. Somehow, I could tell it was staring at me too. I couldn't smell fear around me but still didn't move should anything happen. It just happened that I had the boldness to hold it in and not scream. I felt I communicated with it in a way and in another 10-15 seconds, the figure vanished.
Then, I could see the light peeking through the corners of my door again.

As at this period, I knew nothing about the grim reaper... Who he was, what he does and all. Only got to find out after watching a movie where it appeared to accompany a child to the gates of heaven. It came and didn't take me.

I don't believe in the existence of the grim reaper but what I saw was almost the exact description of one, except without the scythe.

Told my family about it later in the morning but no-one took me serious. They concluded that I probably dreamt about it since I was a clueless teenager.

It's been over 5 years now. I'm still be HAUNTED by this TRAIL from the underworld.

This is great. I would make sure I emerge one of those who will be selected as winners in this contest.![IMAG1279_1.jpg()

I left my room with a tray of fruits, oranges, mangoes, banana and sliced pineapples to go hawk on the streets of Lagos.I was a fully grown man of twenty seven years old but I had stopped feeling ashamed of hawking because without it couldn't eat and pay the #4000 as rent for my one room apartment. I decided to start from streets in Ajegunle before going to others.I had made friends too, who were also hawkers of everything from food to perfumes to body products, anything at all.On an average I made a gain of about #600 daily
I was walking down a lonely path which had trees on one side and uncompleted buildings on the other have heard stories of this part ,it was even given a name HAUNTED TRAIL based on some terrifying stories,but still I carried my tray of fruits on my head while eating a banana.Suddenly I heard a female voice screaming very loudly. Immediately I dropped my tray and tried to locate the source of the sound. I looked round and round but could not see anyone then I suddenly saw a red skirt from a corner.I rushed there and was shocked to see two men and a young woman. One of them was trying to hold her down while the other was busy trying to unzip his trouser,i said to myself these are just men with evil hearts.
The two of them gave me a threatening look and I just went away.I looked round and found a huge log of wood, crept to the room in the uncompleted building and with anger I hit one of them on the head and at once he fell on the ground with blood dripping from his head.The other one released the Lady and came towards me visibly angry.I tried hitting him too but he over powered me, which led me to the hospital, there the girl and I fell in love we were so much in love that only death could do us part, wow the renouncely known HAUNTED TRAIL brought the love of my life in teryfing way, bt wat griefs me was wen I and my lady went 4 intro and we both discovered we were twins, of which she was already carrying my child, unable to bear this she committed suicide while I took the newly born baby and drawn in the water.. THIS PART IS INDEED AND HAUNTED TRAIl, thanks guy for this opportunity, much love,just adding write ups to my singing

The story of the haunted house was well known by everyone in the village, where it is believed that the the last family who lived and died in the mansion, their ghos still lived there but this did not stop jack and his family from buying the house, it was cheap and jack needed cheap. It was the only mansion seperate from the rest in the village. Jacks family where in, at late nights the door would screech and make a wierd sounds. When jack and his family were away, they would come back only to meet thier food gone, the wind would blow and the curtain would move, all was only a trick played by a man from the village to scare people away.

At this rate we are never going to get there Karen said after letting out a sigh to emphasize her impatience. Oh relax! we'll be there in no time besides I had to convince you to come with me in the first place.
Ok..but can you at least make the dog go to the back seat, I swear if it drools anywhere near me I'm getting out of the car and you can both go see your grandparents. Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the back of the car, Louis parked the car and decided to go check for any problem with the tires while Karen waited inside.
Ahh, I knew I should have come with a spare, Louis murmured,trying not to agitate Karen. Is everything okay back there? She asked but there was no reply. Louis thought he heard someone call his name, he didn't know why but he couldn't stop walking towards the sound of the voice. Karen got out of the car only to see Louis walking into the woods. She yelled his name but he kept on walking without saying a word. She ran after him but the faster she ran, the more distance there was between them until finally, she tripped over a log. When she woke up, Louis had disappeared. How long have I been out, she wondered. Now she was alone and her first instinct was to run until she found someone or perhaps she might end up on the road. To her surprise, she found Louis's body lying on the ground, she knelt to see if he was alive but then she heard something growling behind her, but before she could turn to see what it was, it was already too late for her.

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It was no longer news that Prophet Arikokokola the greatest healer of Ariakpo land was using mystical Powers to orchestrated miracles. Every major headline news carried it.

It was through the NewsToday Newspaper that I got to know this.

As I sat in shock trying to figure out what the world was becoming, I felt bad for the church of God. Things had really fallen apart, and like Chinua Achebe said The center can no longer hold.

Prophet Arikokokola's Secret burst open when he conducted deliverance for a certain Mrs. Oluwami and she never returned home after seven days, the husband Who was informed of the wife's visit to the deliverance church, immediately stormed the place with a crack team of Mobile policemen usually known as SARS.

the clergy was arrested and questioned only for the police to discover that human heads numbering over 50 had been buried in the church premises.

He was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment which he successfully served and came out thereafter, he was now free but not free indeed as he ran mad just a day after his release.

Oh! He was haunted by his past, a terrifying trail it was.

199 Words Exactly

"Honey, what did you do? This is your fourth marriage in five years, your wives all lost their lives in a similar way. I don't want to die like them, I'm leaving you" she shouted as she ran downstairs to carry her already packed bags.

Tunde didn't even try to stop her, she was right. His marriage to her was his fourth. His wives all died in strange ways. First it was Amaka, she had complained to him about strange happenings in the house, he brushed it outside and didn't really pay much attention to her compliant. Six months into their marriage, he traveled to Lagos for three days, he came back to meet the house shut, he thought she went out, he called her phone,
but there was no response, he tried opening with the key, the door didn't open.
He broke the door to find his wife dead and dried up like a stock fish.
It was devastating. He moved to Lagos and remarried, the same thing happened. He moved to Portharcourt and got a new wive, the same thing happened.

This was his fourth marriage, and something told him his wife wouldn't be spared.

This event happened to me over 50 years ago on the road to the Umuakali Stream, just a small village in the Eastern part of Nigeria. The ghost of a father and his son appeared to me as i walked past. The experience was so vivid that i can still recall it till date.

I was just a lad and was running home along that road one evening when a man and his son suddenly appeared in front of me. They were walking hand in hand.

I was going so fast that i couldn't avoid them and ran straight into... and right through them. I FELT NOTHING AT ALL! I turned to look back, and they had vanished.

I clearly recall that the pair were dressed in style of the 1940s and the young boy had been wearing a school blazer. blue trousers and a school cap. They had looked solid enough, but as i ran through them, there was nothing there.

I was so terrified and peed my pants. I couldn't go out of our house for any reason at dusk for many months later because the images from the encounter kept haunting me. It was really weird.

The mischievous spirit that shared a cottage with Larry, a local photographer definitely had a sense of humour, and a fetish for hand towels which it would always drop in the bath.

"Almost everyday I would go into the bathroom and the towel will be lying in the bath again. It really was quite creepy ," Larry recalled. "One day I left the bathroom while the bath water was running and when i came back, the towel was floating in the bath. There was absolutely no way it could have fallen in on its own accord"

"There was a definite presence in the bathroom and visitors to the house often remarked on it. It was a very cold house and I always had to have fire going, even in the middle of the dry season - BUT THE BATHROOM WILL NEVER GET WARM," Larry remarked.

Larry's dog hated the house and never set foot in it. Soon Larry was convinced that a poltergeist shared the cottage with him since it was also noisy enough and liked to rattle pots and pans around the stove.

Larry had enough, called in the help of a priest, but the haunting still lingered.

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As he ran through the woods without looking back, he came across a hut. He knocked and knocked but no body answered.

He then surmmond courage and entered the unlocked hut. He saw a stew brewing in the middle of the hut, without having a second thought he dished out the stew into the nearest thing he could find.

Meanwhile the whole community was in disarray, women and children join in the search for Mr John. Mr John was a well known farmer, who paid no attention to the rules in the community.

Every member of the community was told not to follow the trail of gold, that was left behind. But Mr John refused to listen, he spoke of it as mere superstitious believe. Saying he would follow the gold to where ever it lead him.

Well he did, and now he is in a hut eating the stew of an unknown person. After a while he started feeling dizzy and he passed out cold. The villagers where didn't know where he was, they all thought he was injured in the woods until they heard a voice screaming "Don't follow the trail".

Interesting article, thanks for sharing


Once upon a time in the land of mogodo, the was a law that during the new yam festival no girl should come outside at night in order not to see the rituals performed.

Moyeki had stayed in the city for long, and had decided that she will be going to the village for the festival. And she was going to stay with her cousin.

She left the city in the evening and by the time she arrived the village, it was already late. She decided that she was going to sleep at the only hotel in the village. When she reached and wanted paying for a room, she realized that she had forgotten her bag at the park.

On here way to the park, she saw some men performing the ritual and she ran back into the hotel. But after that night she hasn't been herself because of the things she started seeing.

The Haunted Trail

Mama Agnes wore a cloudy countenance and a gloomy look. She was reluctant to narrate her sad experiences in the past few months. Her beautiful feminine build lost its glamour and radiance. Like desert trees during the time of long drought, Mama Agnes received wretched, pathetic and sorrowful appearance.

“Mama, you look dejected, what is happening to you,” the daughter probed with her gentle penetrating voice. The question was met with dreadful silence, the type that is often associated with the grave-yard. Numerous other members of the family asked similar questions, but Mama Agnes could not open up. Day by day she kept mute, suffering untold hardship in silence.

At last in the face of unmitigated probes and queries from numerous relatives in the extended family, Mama Agnes explained her ordeal. She was experiencing mysterious loss of money to unseen beings in her room. Money in her handbag, purse, travelling bag and elsewhere in the room often decrease in amount behind locked doors. It was later revealed that some foul spirits operate in the room. A group of Christian prayer warriors were invited who prayed and terminated the strange mishap. Wonders will never end.

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Such a good contest..Just got me excited for a write up.

It followed him everywhere he went, every time something good was about to happen for him, at verge of breakthrough, everything would go sour.
Initially he thought it was bad luck trailing him, but he was convinced by his friends that he was under a spell.

He had gone for countless numbers of job interviews, he was the best, the very best, graduating at the top of his class, but he never got the job.
It was as though he was being followed by the crying spirits of women.
During the interview sessions, after impressing the interviewers, something happens; he starts hearing voices of wailing women and children, the wailings drown the voices of the interviewers, so he doesn't hear what they're saying to him.
He shouts and screams like a mad man, covering his ears to block out the wailings.
Everytime this happens, security throws him out.

From city to city, he was always haunted by the wails and crys of the invisible women and children. No matter where he went, the screams and wails never stopped.

The atrocities from his pasts; aborted babies and girlfriends who died aborting and the ones murdered, would haunt him through life.

Okoli woke up that morning with a strange heavy face. What he saw in a vision the previous night stood invisibly in his mind’s eye like a dreadful masquerade. It was shown where he was lying on an elevated hospital bed, being attended to by nurses. On waking up he rejected the frightening dream. Throughout the week the thought of sickness and death embittered his feelings, robbing his face of smiles. He reported his fears to all his kit and kin within and outside the country. Prayer requests to his relations dominated his text messages.

On the Saturday of that week, Okoli was returning from office and stopped over to buy sliced water melon. A particular slice caught his attention and he bought it. On reaching home he watched it in saline water and ate it. Little did he know that he was having handshake with the grave. The water melon he ate was contaminated with pernicious Amoeba. Soon after eating the fruit, loss of strength began. A little time later, the loss of strength became acute; Okoli felt energy leaving his frail body at a speed like a flood of water. He was fainting...

Miss Kate was helping her mother to sell dried fish in their new market shed. One morning she was walking leisurely to the market shed to attend to customers. On the way a tricycle -"Keke Napep"- stopped to pick her but she refused to respond but walked ahead. One of the passengers in the tricycle went after Miss Kate pretending to seek help. Without suspecting any harm, Miss Kate stopped to show concern. Unfortunately for her, a spirit of hypnosis from the visitor seized her, numbing her thinking faculty. She became senseless, responding to every instruction from the visitor. This innocent girl was carried in the tricycle and thoroughly interviewed.

In the hypnotized condition she told the wicked people every secret about herself and her home. She was sent home to bring every Naira and Kobo in the house to the hoodlums. The helpless girl was commanded to go and buy recharge card on credit for the rogues; she did so to the tune of nearly N100,000. Before she recovered her senses a huge sum of money has been lost to people she did not know. It was an experience that was difficult to forget.

Every house he packed to, the strange happenings seemed to follow. His daughter called it a horror movie.
It started from the house at Brooks street, the family woke up to see their dog, wolf dead and rotten in the middle of the sitting room. Nobody could explain what happened, they all saw the dog the previous night. From that day, strange things started happening; levitating beds was a common happening. Shrieks and screams at night, prevented the family from sleeping properly. They were forced to leave that house to a new one, but they couldn't escape, the happenings became worse in the new house. All plants and the lawn dried up in a day with no logical or scientific explanation. From house to house, from neighborhood to neighborhood the happenings increased in intensity.

It got worse when insanity found its way into the family, first it was the first daughter, the first son was the next down to the last child. It all started with screams of "leave me alone" to laughing profusely as if listening to an invisible comedy show.
The sins of the father is being paid for, by the children in a haunted trail.


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We went for a vacation at a house in our village.
the house is very old, it is part of the oldest house in the village, an old-fashioned house room with little light.
One night, we arrived from a visit and surprised by turning on the light ... All the cans that were stored in the cupboard,were opened and arranged on the table,like they were prepared to be consumed, they were open in an old way, as if a knife was used.
Surprised we go around the house to see if we had been burglarized, but nothing, my was father surprised then said that it was a joke,
The weekend passes, and no idea what happened, one Sunday night my father decides to empty some sacks of flour on all entrance or passage.
We came Back that night,and again all canned food purchased last weekend again were opened and arranged on the table, but no footprint on the floor.
Till now, the mystery has never been solved, but one thing is certain that something that does not eat and leaves no footprint, lives in that house, for Whatever happens that house is still standing, is still busy.


In a rural community called Bokoni there was an American Priest sent from the Catholic Church to a parish in that part of Nigeria in 1929.

In those days the community was known for deep-rooted cultural practices that were observed with strict adherence and very religiously. It was in that same community that Reverend Father Mc-Donald was murdered in cold blood as far back as 1929.

The people of that community had an idol whom they worshipped, they beloved he was the custodian of goodluck and fertility of their land and was assigned a day of worship by the indigenous dwellers of Bokoni, on such a day no one was permitted to step outside, else be killed by the BVG. The Bokoni Vigilante Group.

It was on such a day that the the American missionary arrived, he knew nothing, hence was innocent indeed but the people killed him even after realizing he was innocent of their laws. Many years after the priest was killed, the land continues to be haunted by the blood of the killed priest, nothing works in the community till date except premature death and sicknesses. According to the dying words of Rev. FR. Mc Donald.

Is this contest for only Nigerians or it is open to anyone?

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I swept my room for the third time, bought new air fresheners and was about to on my generator. When my phone range, it was Sandra.

Sandra was a girl I met in school few weeks ago and she was coming to spend the weekend at my place.

"Your room make sense," said Sandra when she entered my room. When had a lovely time together that evening.

At about 1:25am when I woke up to pee, I noticed that Sandra was dead. I was so scared. Should I call my neighbors ? Or should I report what happened to the house police ? But who will believe that I just slept and woke to realize that Sandra was dead.

I decided that I was going to keep here body on my street and at this point I felt that's the best I could do.

I carried out the plan perfectly well, no body caught me. At the end Sandra's body was taken to the motuary.

But I was haunted by her ghost, at a point I nearly ran mad. She said the only way out was to confess and she directed me to where her parent stays.

I went there, confessed and she appeared and to them that I was saying the truth. And from that day I never saw her again.

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Hello, so here's my entry.

The Haunted Trail

Each new week had a segment on the papers about a gruesome death along the old park trail. James didn’t really care much about this. He had lost his twin to an accident a few months ago, and was quite confused. He felt so helpless and wondered his purpose in life. All this ran through his mind as he walked home along the old trail that led through the city’s park.

His thoughts were cut short by the scream of a man. It was a patrol cop. James peeped from a safe distance only to see him running towards him. A body was suspended down from a tree, it was the other cop on duty. The running cop appeared to be chased by something strange.

A Shadow…

Was this the cause of all the unexplained mysteries?

He was about to make his way back to safety when the first drop touched him.
It was warm.
He wanted to move but couldn’t, he knew he was been watched but saw no one. He looked to the sky as though he needed strength from the gods.
His legs gave up from under him, for what he saw, no man could explain.

Shortly after Christmas 1990, as the old year drew nearer to an end, the shade of a long dead soldier returned to an old house in Union Street, Newport. At about 3am one morning, postman Oddy Lambri was lying awake in his top floor flat when he noticed a sudden drop in temperature. The bedroom became icy cold and a feeling of great unease enveloped him. His eyes were drawn towards the window. There standing with his back to Oddy, was the figure of a man. The ghost was dressed in a red tunic. Oddy could also make out the rest of his uniform which consisted of white canvas straps, light coloured trousers and polished knee-length brown leather boots.

"He was just standing there as though looking out of the window in the direction of a nearby castle. I saw him quite clearly for a matter of seconds, then he vanished. He made no sound at all and I never saw his face, just the outline of his profile. I was not aware of any sort of hat or headgear."

"I wasn't at all frightened - just surprised. I know it was not a dream at all."

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Hand me your keys amd I promise I'll be out of your hair in no time. Fine, but you realize mom's gonna kill you if she finds out you drove ten miles to meet some stranger you met online offering you a modelling deal.
She won't because you've got the perfect excuse to cover up for me. Oh.. it's Jason, Khloe said as she picked up her phone. Now out of my room! She said to Lisa as she flung her keys at her.
I've been driving on this road for a while and not even a single car has passed by. I sure hope I've got the right address..anyway, it's not everyday someone shows up and offers you something like this...Lisa thought to herself.
Just then, she heard annoying bird sounds that just wouldn't stop prompting her to stick her head out of the car only to see quite an unusual number of crows circling above her. She stepped on the brake hoping the birds would leave. She felt a deep sense of relief when they did. She decided to take a moment to clear her head. Suddenly, all four doors of the car were flung open and she was pulled out by her hair by an invisible entity.
She wanted to scream but an overwhelming sense of fear had come over her. She watched the sky darken as she was pulled into a cave never to be seen again.


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The old ancestral village of Igado had just crowned a new king. He was a village elder who ascended the throne by poisoning the previous king with the aide of the late king's most trusted cook.

7 market days later, the village was struck by a witch haunt. Tragic deaths began to take place. The first casualty was a palm wine tapper who had died instantly after falling from a palm tree and had his head smashed against a rock. Secondly a set of children who had gone to swim in the village stream got drowned and there was sad news about the death of a mother and her child during child birth. All these tragic deaths happened in less than 72 hours, so everyone became scared.

Rumors began to spread through Igado. It was said that the ghost of the previous king haunted the village because it was angry and restless. People in the village always heard a strange voice crying every night. Night movements became restricted because some people claimed to have seen the ghost with their naked eyes.

Now the oracle must be consulted! The village must know why it is being haunted!!

"You guys should have asked around before you rented the house" the principal scolded them.
"Strange things happen to occupants of that house. Many youth corpers have fallen victim to the evil happenings in that house. Some have had to abandon their service year because it never stopped, no matter where they move to".

"We didn't know sir, we desperately needed an apartment at the time and that house was our best option."
Tolu told the principal.
"It started some days after we moved in; on a cold night, we heard an hysterical laughter, it continued for about an hour, then it stopped, fear gripped everyone. Immediately after it stopped, babies started crying, it continued till around 5am in the morning. This happened everyday till we moved out.
We started seeing strange looking beings, like spirits in our sitting room, it disappeared and appeared at will.

We moved to a new place, thinking we've escaped, but it became worse. We've invited almost all the clergymen in this town but they couldn't stop the strange occurrences.
This is the fifth house we've moved to and it still hasn't stopped. We're seriously contemplating leaving this state."

He thought he escaped it. Birmingham was a good place to start afresh. There was no way it could follow him here, he had traveled thousands of miles across the Pacific, just to get away from all of it.
But he was so wrong. He was the only surviving child, four of his siblings had died. The strange thing was they all died the same way. It started with the eldest brother; he lost everything he had worked for, his business, his house, and his cars. He started seeing black birds flying around him wherever he went. It didn't stop there, after a while, strange beings started appearing to him, haunting him wherever he went, this made him go mad, till he finally took his life.

After five years, the same things started happening to the second daughter of the family, she jumped off a bridge and drowned to death. The very same thing happened to all his siblings, now it was his turn.
His father had died in a similar way; suicide after being tormented by unseen forces.
It happened on his second week in Birmingham, the birds had started trailing him. He knew what was coming.

"The past has come to haunt you, it'll haunt you till you run mad" the sorcerer told Mark.
Strange things started happening to Mark, it started when he got married to Jane.
They'd wake up in the morning to find cobwebs everywhere in the house, like the house was abandoned for centuries. The strange thing was that they couldn't find any spider. It happened for years until he couldn't take it no more. A sorcerer performed some rituals and everything stopped.

A few months later Mark was having his bath under the shower, suddenly the water turned into blood, blood was gushing from the shower head. He ran out from the bathroom and tried washing his body from the water tap at the backyard, he turned it on to find blood gushing out from the tap.
That was three years ago, this strange happenings had trailed him for three years. He had visited all the prayer houses and witch doctors he could find, but the strange happenings persisted.

His wife died in a strange way; he woke up to find her lifeless body covered with cobwebs.
He knew he was being haunted, but by whom.

Even with torchlight, inside the basement was dark. Tommy wiped his brow as his eyes landed on a blood stained empty chair, shackled to a post. Now a vile smell pierced his nose, he spat.

That was when he noticed the crimson beneath his feet. Was he walking farther away, or to it?

He considered, but ignored the caution of second thought, as though every shackled empty chair, moreover blood stained, that he now by-passed could lead to anywhere safe, or to anything good.

He was just a foot next to another chair, when a voice spoke, from inside the dark: “How many chairs so far?”

He froze, terrified. If his chances of survival depended on a correct answer, he was finished! Sweat rose up his spine, as spidery feelers crept on his wrists like nylon fencing him onto the chair…

He started to scream, when another voice, familiar, intruded, jerking him back, into a fine lamp lit study room. He quickly put back the book on the table, breathless, as he read for the first time, the writing on the cover: “24 Empty Chairs”

“I told you not to read that book!” Jack said, “It is still incomplete!”

There was a weird place outside of the small town where Jamie lived. Since the time that he could understand things, he could remember the adults warning all the children, “Do not go near the trail in the forest.”

Whenever he or his twin, Sam, would ask their parents about it, they would look at each other and say in soft voices, “Spirits walk that path to the afterlife. If they see someone who’s not dead, they will bring that person with them.”

One day, Sam, out of boredom, suggested that they take a look at the trail. Jamie refused, but after a heated discussion gave in. They decided to go one afternoon, when their parents were away. When the appointed time came, off they went in the forest to find the trail.

As soon as they entered the forest, they got lost. Jamie wanted to go back, but his twin insisted on continuing. After a time, near sunset, they finally found it.

“Let’s follow it.” Sam said, tugging his twin after him as they followed the trail deeper into the forest.

What Jamie didn’t realize was that Sam was dead, had been for three months, since an accident.