The Meeting (2)

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So the Sea continues his story...

Sea: I did everything for the humans including filtering parts of me to quench their thirst, but what did I get in return? They poo on me! Literally.

Forest: Gross.

Sea: You're one to talk. Everyone knows you thrive on feaces. In fact the more poo allowance you get, the better you grow.

Diamond: Can you do without just saying poo?

Sea: Can you do without residing in the bowels of the earth?

Diamond: You'll die a sad old fellow.

Sea: I was there at the beginning. I'll be there way after man has finally come to his senses that you're basically worthless and aren't worth the fuss.

Diamond turns to a radiating member of the group.

Diamond: Sun Boo Boo, the one who sparks my sparkling, you're just gonna stand there and watch this piece of shit insult me like that?

Sun: Oh I'm sorry? After everything I have done for you, do you not choose to settle on the human fingers than with me?

Sea bursts out laughing.

Sea: (to Sun) She does not get it, does she?

Sun: Don't start!

Sea: Listen here, diamond. Sun might be losing his touch with the humans...

Sun:(interrupting) I have not! I'm still as fit as a fiddle.

Sea: But they use you now... They snap their panels and you're wagging your solar like a little star.

Sun: They're still my Bitch! I tell them when to sleep and when to wake... When to have hard ons... When to Screw... Okay they screw whenever they want these days but they still obey me!

Sea: Okay. (to Diamond) Like I was saying, Sun might be a Bitch sometimes but he knows the bro code. He is fire, I am Ice. (to Sun) That reminds me, thanks for melting those icebergs the other time, gave me additional minions to unleash Tsunami mode on you-know-where.

Sun: Just don't push your luck or you might lose your territory like the Sahara.

Land comes in hopes of ending the horrendous ride.

Land: Thank you for sharing, Sea.

Sea: I am not done yet!

Land is silent. He gestures for Sea to continue his story.

Gold: Are we supposed to sit down and listen to this guy?

Sea: Yes, you are. No one leaves until I'm done!

Wind: You cannot make me stay but I'll indulge your stupidity because I love how you act all high and mighty when in reality, you're just a kid who always call on me to help fight his bullies.

Sea and Wind rise nose to nose. They glare coldly into each other eyes. Sea, knowing he has met his match, sits down to continue his story.

Sea: So one day, I got mad with rage and waved at man. That day, I had my first taste of suffocating power and I felt a sudden splash in me. The more I drowned, the more I wanted more. Contrary to what man will make you believe, the Titanic was an easy job for me. I command Liters of army! So perhaps we should let our anger show human what we are capable of, instead of thinking we have a problem.


Land: (sighs) Finally. Sea, thanks for the not needed advice... for sharing too, of course.

Sun: But I'm not done yet. I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.. and the moral lesson.

Everyone: WTF?!


Are you one of the lazy youths I've been hearing about?

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