For all the times..

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For all the times you plunged
with hopes the stream was shallow
yet you met a depth of darkness so endless
it felt like sorrow.
For all the times you climbed
on wavy feet and the top was near
yet you lost your footing on black marbles of hate
and loomed deeper back to the start.
to crawl through your hell
and start all over again....with faith.
For all the times you flew
On feathers shaken by the wind
dashed against rocks and unyielding clouds
till it got too heavy and you droped
like the stale voice in your ears
that tasted of sin.
For all the times you ran
on spindly legs, debris flying and catching the air
dust kissing the ebony locks of your hair
till you realised
it was a deceptive circle
and you were trying,only to escape the truth
with attempts, laudable, faint and feeble.
For all the times you slept and dreamt
that the dawn would offer a golden dish of hope
but your eyes were forever locked
on the steel walls of shame
and you are at the end of the rope.
Tired of pulling, tired of pushing
plain tired, broken and spent.
So you realise..
Like a skilled archer with his eyes purged.
you strike with dexterity.
yet miss with precision.


Are you one of the lazy youths I've been hearing about?

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