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Depression is not sadness
It’s being happy
Because the thought of being sad
Is. Really. Just. Sad

Depression is not crying
It’s waking up on the middle of the night
And realizing that you didn’t cry
You’ve never cried even when it hurt

Depression is not hopelessness
It’s anticipated hopefulness
The hope that hopes you’re hopeful enough
Hanging on to threads of hope

Depression is not dressed in black
It’s a unicorn with the rainbows at the end
Or is it the rainbow with the unicorn at the end?
Too many colors to distract me from this black and white

Depression is not wanting to die
It’s being unsure about living
About being alive with no life
Hoping for the hope to live

Depression is not loveless
It’s the inability to love less
It loves and loves until it has no love to give
So it gives and gives until it has no give to love

So no,
You’re not depressed
You’re just sad for a day
Feel better for a lifetime

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