Reflections on Writing

in writing •  18 days ago

I have been writing on Steemit for just over a month now, my goal is to share my thoughts on learning music. I have been studying music intensively for 25 years. That means practicing and playing everyday. I have taken lessons with great teachers and recorded 11 solo albums. see "Graeme Emmott" on Spotify or Apple Music. I have played bass and guitar a lot longer than that but for 25 years it's been an addiction. By doing a blog each day,i am forced to dig down into my brain and ask myself questions. I thought of teaching music, but i am more of a writer, i would rather write a song than to teach someone a scale. What i want to write about is what a songwriter thinks of when they write and what i do and study on a day to day basis. I have traveled as much as i could over the past 15 years, getting inspiration from cities like New York, Berlin, London etc, i am just finishing a 2 month trip to Thailand. Flying back to Vancouver early tomorrow morning, reflecting back on the 2 months, i achieved the main goal that i had set for myself when i left Canada. That was to become a "practicing writer". Writing everyday and putting it out into the world. My friend Craig introduced me to Steemit and since then i feel that i have found a platform to write on. I have also been writing a lot of songs on this trip that i will record when i get back to Canada. By sharing ideas about good books that i am reading or developing visualizing techniques i am learning more about myself. We live in incredible times and there is no better time to be writer than now. By digging deep into my brain and letting a bit of it spill out into the world, i feel a sense of connection with the world.

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