The Storm that Speaks Volumes

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Every late-summer/early-fall in the temperate zones throughout the world there’s a storm that occurs that speaks volumes. The storm itself is physical in nature, having all the attributes a regular storm has. It’s windy, it rains, and the air becomes thick and chilled. For if this were the middle of summer nothing more would be thought of the storm, but because this storm occurs at this distinct time of year, it speaks volumes.

Up until this point in time every year, much of the world is meandering about in a harmonic daze, brought about by warm summer temperatures, abundant sunshine and carefree social activities. But when this storm hits, all of that listless harmony is wiped away in an instant, and a premonition of things to come will slowly mature into reality. This storm has no favorites, for we are all equally affected for better or worse, and although it’s the large things that are mostly remembered, it’s the little things that change first.

Shorts are replaced by jeans, and t-shirts by sweaters. Sunglasses become more of an afterthought as the lethargic sun struggles to remain bright. Luminous dazzling clothing shades make way for muted basic undertones; the world becomes less radiant. The little external things that change first pave the way for the larger internal evolution that occurs within us all.

The Storm that Speaks Volumes, catches many people off guard, not necessarily in terms of when it happens, but in regards to their mental capacity to deal with it. It rips away a sense of ease and freedom; it strips away another layer of youthful exuberance. For some the storms occurrence is a welcome harbinger of the solemn weather patterns, the warmth of fire, the fleeting of fall colors and the comfort of loved ones around a harvest feast. For others it’s a terrifying return to the realm of reality, an introspective journey back to importance and a recession to darkness.

To those of us that live in the land of seasons, The Storm that Speaks Volumes has a profound affect on us. I’m curious as to how this storm affects you? -- Thanks for listening


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