Nominate my book, The City and the Dungeon, on Kindle Scout!

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tl;dr: vote here for my book, get a free copy if it wins.

Yesteryear I wrote a book, The City and the Dungeon.

The Cover!

This year I'm submitting it to Amazon's trad publishing arm, Kindle Scout. Basically, one campaigns for nominations for thirty days and thirty nights, Amazon decides by whatever inexplicable process they like, and if they buy the rights, everyone who nominated it gets a free copy. Otherwise, nothing happens, and everyone goes on their merry way.

C&D is in the semi-obscure genre of litrpg: it's set in a RPG world where there are classes, levels, and stats, and people are aware of them. Think Sword Art Online, except without the MMORPG part. Or Order of the Stick, but much more serious.

But let me actually talk about my book.

The City and the Dungeon is set in an RPG world, but it is about life in that world, not the RPG mechanics themselves. It's about coming-of-age in a world where power fantasies can come true. It's about law in a world with mechanical alignment and where lawyering is just a skill. It's about life in a world with sextillionaires while some go begging. It's about those who worship the Dungeon, something else, or nothing at all. It's about the psychological toll of slayers, summonstorms, and the Dungeon itself. It's about falling in love--with a girl a lot higher level than you.

If this sounds tempting, you can also check out Out of Her Depth, my short story set in the same world. It'll be free for a few days, and it's on KU if that's more your style. (I'd set it to free for the whole campaign, but Amazon won't let me. :( )

But enough tooting my own horn! It's free to nominate a book, and you might get a free book out of it. DO IT. DO IT. DOOO EEEIITT!!

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Voted! I am considering publishing through Amazon too and your book sounds worth a read. Hope mine will be too.


Thanks! Every vote counts.