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As some of you might be able to tell, I'm a writer. Here's some stuff elsewhere:

Prince Anak the Immortal

My first novella: A hard science fiction young adult Catholic novella. Now that's a mouthful! A more philosophical work about the last of humanity, immortality through genetic engineering, and, well, Catholicism. The titlular sixteen-year-old Prince Anak Og Eloi XIa11 must decide not only what is right, but the price it is worth.

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The API of the Gods

A novelette of programmatic urban fantasy. Imagine a world where divine powers can be accessed through a convenient API. If you don't understand what that is, don't worry, it's mostly an action adventure with a conspiracy or two. Try it!

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One of my favorite stories, a post-apocalyptic flash fiction. It was born of a dream, and I wrote it down immediately afterwards. It's also my only horror story. And believe or it not, it briefly technically made me a bestseller. Check it out!

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We who Live by the Death of Stars

Another flash fiction, another dream, and my favorite thing I've ever written! It's about gods, stars, movements, and terrible, terrible choices. Any more would spoil it, I think.

Maybe I shouldn't say this, but I've actually never had a sale of Stars. :( I stand by its quality, though.

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Out of Her Depth

Another short story, this one set in the universe of The City and the Dungeon, an as-of-yet unreleased novel. Elevator pitch: Imagine a world where RPG stats and levels are real, and so are the monsters. This is more of a teaser, but I think it's a fine story in its own right. Some young adventurers, a really young adventure, and things going very wrong.

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A Fractal of Eight Tragedies in Fifteen Parts (free!)

No fancy cover, but it's absolutely free to read. A story or eight of obsessive love and revenge. I wouldn't want to spoil the central conceit, but let me note that it would probably make Jorge Louis Borges proud.

Read it here And while you're at it, check out the rest of Sci Phi Journal, it's pretty neat.

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