I've been gone for over a week...

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I really wish I could say it was for some super cool reason, like I was on vacation or doing anything fun, but really it was a shit show week.

My car broke down and I had to take it to my home town to get it fixed. I really don't get service there and even the wifi is spotty at best so I wouldn't have been able to post or reply.

Then my mom was put back into the hospital. So really, it was one disappointment after another. I did miss you all though. I know this isn't the best post, and won't get any upvotes, but I want to say to anyone who reads my posts that I really did miss chatting with all of you.

I want to try and do a post a day, so I need you guys to hold me accountable. Make sure I do what I say I'm going to do. I have a few ideas for posts and stories that I'd like to do. So hopefully it'll be easy for me to do.

I hope that everyone's doing good. And I'll be sure to look at everything I've missed in the coming days!


thanks for sharing your life.. we are glad you are back.. be sure and post like you say you are going to

Haha, I promise!!

Hope you have a better week ahead :( good luck man will stiill upvote the post :)

Thanks. 😝 I'm hoping it can only get better!

Great to see you're back again :)

Sending all the best wishes to your mom!
Reading this makes the car thing almost meaningless :(

Greetings from
Djangos story @juicypop