Perhaps it is for two

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Remember the last hardfork? Good times.

Anyway while that was going down and I was bored and couldn't post, it turned out that I could monkey around with the Steem API and practice some python so I did that instead. I came across @emrebeyler's script which scrapes a steem account's posts and comments with Beautiful Soup and his own Lightsteem, then uses Markovify to assemble new sentences.

I ran it on mine, dumped it into a text file, and promptly forgot about it. But here it is, fresh from the vault! It's a fun exercise and a couple of the sentences are even half-coherent.

Or perhaps it is for two and you gasp in delight at the shoreline or maybe it wasn’t that important.

He didn’t see the dashboard lights and also that it made the prince who marries her a moment before she fully let go.

He tried to get on.

Written for the wedding.

That was the body?

That got me to join her in the hallway Brian turned back to previous nights.

And he most certainly didn’t believe in ghosts checks into a crepe stall.

They always try and save him from six inches away.

There was rustling and the thought forming a knot in her stomach.

“I guess we’ll have to come in.”

Maybe I can use these as prompts for new freewrites, and then mine those freewrites, and then generate new prompts, and then...

these two buddies
(This popped up when I searched "for two" on pixabay.)

Image by Alexas_Fotos.


Oh, I forgot that, I should make this a bot :-)

With a mix of ned, the steemit blog, and a more technical account, it could probably generate crypto whitepapers not much worse than what's out there now. Hook up GPT-2 and you've got a business opportunity!

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