I've Just Released a New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Hybrid Adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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I'm proud to announce the premiere of a new product, from my minds to your game table! From the creators of the Blades & Blasters: Bestiary & Rulebook comes a brand new sci-fi-fantasy hybrid adventure designed to test the mettle of your players. Play it as a one-shot, as an adventure connected to a mini-campaign, or incorporate it into an existing story! 

Long Way Down: A Blades & Blasters Adventure for D&D 5E

As a remote village dons the trappings of its annual harvest festival, they are haunted by a brooding terror lurking beneath their feet.

Long Way Down is a spooky dungeon delve for a level 8 party from the world of Blades & Blasters. Master your emotions, discover the horrific secrets of the otherworldly Ghol 'ichaeus, and save the residents of Cullsfield before time runs out!

This adventure draws on material from the core Blades & Blasters: Bestiary & Rulebook, but the book is NOT REQUIRED for play; all relevant B&B material, including alien monsters, weapons, and technology, can be found within this adventure's pages.

Now available on DriveThruRPG! 

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