Going to an acting class sounds great. I know that some of my writer friends have participated in acting classes and became more confident in their writing ability as a result, if not a better actor. But you are absolutely right, using your own personal condition is a realistic way of managing dialogue. I've actually done that a few times myself. It's good to be reminded though, it's these little things that can make all the difference. Thank you!

Hello @mariekoh. Thanks for your nice comment. Yes, you can actually read and feel the difference. I have old sections where I just described the situation. After I reworked and felt it, the text became shorter, much more alive and less descriptive. So keep on feeling and writing. =)
And maybe you should watch this video by Brené Brown. It is not an acting class but definitely a path to your feelings.

Wow, thanks, that was interesting and different. I've never looked at vulnerability from that perspective before. I like it, look forward to your next post.

"Act your story! Never design feelings!"

I love your post : D

It is an excellent information.

Greetings from Venezuela

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