5 Problems Highly Intelligent People Face

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We humans pride ourselves in being the only highly intelligent species on Earth. We have achieved marvellous wonders throughout our history and have basically established our supremacy. 

However, as nature would have it, we are not all equally intelligent. Yes, all of us have basic intelligence that still helps us do meaningful things in life, but a certain percentage of the human population is ten steps ahead of everyone else. These people function on a whole another level.

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Highly intelligent people may seem to have it easy when it comes to dealing with life. They somehow seem to know all the right answers at the right time. But, remember, it’s a human tendency to see the grass greener on the other side. 

These “special” people have a lot of problems of their own. Something that only they can understand. In this articles I am going to list these, so it may become clear that they are very much like everyone else.

1. People Think They Are Arrogant, Know-It-Alls

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Intelligent people may come off as arrogant or know-it-alls as they seem to have an explanation for everything. And while that may come handy in certain situations, it may seem like showing off at other times, even if that is not their intention.

They take it as sharing of information and spreading the knowledge and might not intend to offend other people’s intelligence, but more often than not, it sure does come off that way.

This can be confusing for these smart people because well, they do know a lot about a lot, and instead of being grateful, people might be rude to them. So, they might have to refrain from sharing their views a lot of times.

2. They Frequently Have to Dumb Themselves Down

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I can’t tell you how many times I have asked my smart friends to explain something to me only to be left more confused. The things is, they are so well versed in their respective fields that they communicate ideas in a very complex manner that might seem very simple to them but an alien language to others.

This is why I have had to ask them to explain things to me like a 5 year old. This might be difficult for them as they have to reduce a complex idea to a rather simple one and communicate it to the person so he may understand it.

At other times, they might be forced into conversations that they consider are a waste of their times and are meaningless but they have no option but to tolerate their way through it. 

3. They Find It Harder To Make Friends

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As humans, we tend to seek like-minded people as friends. The more we have in common with a person, the more chances that he will become a good friend. 

By that logic, intelligent people want the company of other intelligent people so that they may discuss ideas and thoughts that they value. But, as it so happens it can be difficult to find other intelligent people that match their level of intelligence.

That is why they tend to have smaller circles of friends and have to spend a lot of time with their own thoughts leading some people to believe that they are introverts which might not be the case most of the time. 

4. Countless Late Nights

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Intelligent people are thinkers. They analyse, interpret and examine everything that you and I may consider non-important. They often grapple with tough questions and complex ideas that result in many sleepless nights.

In their quest of finding solutions, they spend a lot of time educating themselves and shifting through a lot of information. This makes them night owls, as they often lose track of time in the midst of a problem solving adventure.

This can take a toll on their mind and body making them feel exhausted which can have a diverse effect in their critical thinking process which is the very characteristic that makes them intelligent.

5. They Feel More Pressure to Succeed

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With great power comes great responsibility. The power of intelligence brings with it the need to make life very meaningful, one that can put a dent in the universe. 

Intelligent people see the world very differently. Their desires can be greatly different than people around them. They are not settlers, they are achievers and doers who want to change the very way humanity does things.

This is why they are very much aware of the direction their life is headed and so they take stark measures that it turns out to be a really successful one. They tend to think that they owe it to themselves and their intelligence.

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Intelligent people also realize how stupid they really are, all things considered.

Paint me confused!

A lot of people that lack true intelligence don't realize how little that they really know. They're actually more likely, IMO, to be the "know-it-all", as they're the types whom are convinced that they know most, or everything, that there is to know.

A truly intelligent person knows that he/ she has much to learn (to greatly understate it), as his/ her knowledge can only ever be a minute subset of all knowledge, due to the limitations of the human mind and sheer volume of information to gather. Not to mention, there's really no way of ever really KNOWING (a thing to be true), with 100% certainty.

very well said! I agree 100% :)

Wait, I'm confused

funny but to me a lot of intelligent people have also a lot of problems that less intelligent people might not even think of...

oh yeah...they sure do! I didn't want to make this post too long ;) lol

As awesome as always! ;D

Thank you :)

Omg I have to agree with most of those points upvoted!

thank you so much :)

much of what you say here is true but there are challenges. many things come easy to the intelligent so, it is easier to forget to try hard. also, some of that perceived arrogance, is. when one is wrong less, it is easier to forget that being wrong is an option. when intelligent, it behooves one to become a very good teacher to avoid becoming impatient and causing offense. in some ways it would be easier to not care but, this is a world of people. intelligent people are often lonely and feel pain at an inability to connect. some functional intelligence, thinking on one's feet, comes from early childhood trauma, the kind that instills the idea that human interaction is something to fear.

sometimes, the most painful thing is to recognize and accept the limits of others.

many people who think they are not intelligent have only to be challenged. average people are to be seen to do extraordinary things every day but, because they believe they are not intelligent, they limit the acknowledgement of their own ability. history is replete with stories of ordinary individuals, performing well above normal limits, when properly motivated. sometimes i think the only difference is an awareness, at some level, of the tools at one's disposal.

Yep. I agree with all your points, @sauravrungta. Great post. I deal with all of these things...

thank you for reading :)

Thanks for this @sauravrungta It truly can be that way sometimes and either way, staying quiet or opening your mouth never workouts so yeah...confused

thanks for reading :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

The last one... So true... Hurts like hunger burns Wraiths (SG-A)

LOL I agree! :D

Can confirm - have not slept in days, must be brilliant!!!

haha! I feel you!! :D

Interesting read.