It Only Takes a Little Friction: A tripartite prosaic collection II

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I. The Hazards Of With Playing Fire

For my bestfriend,
If you have to burn,
then burn the brightest.
You are the sun.

1 (21)1.jpg

From your right hand, I took all your matches believing they were all you had. I made a flame too bright to see that you have been rekindling old ones with the fuel on your left. To you I was just combustion. But you should have known…what happened to Icarus when he came too close to the sun. I am the sun.

II. The Stars Belong To The Night

1 (2)1.jpg

If you could put the stars back from where they are, please do. I don’t want them here. Do give me butterflies instead.

III. A Momentary Light

1 (4)1.jpg

If only every broken soul, every angry heart, every fed up mind would light a sparkler in their hands instead, the world would be a brighter place.

Photos taken using Minolta srt101


Saiyanide \m/

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Butoh kaayo paras imung Amiga


Hahaha gisend ni nako sa iyaha. ♥

:-) beautiful! you have my upvote and I am following you! cheers!


Thank you! And thanks for checking out my blog as well. :D I look forward to more of your film photos. :)