Portrait of Country

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Portrait of Country

I stood upright staring at the sky of my nation, .. blue, gray, .. then blackened
The beautiful painting of this country turned into a sight full of emotion
In every corner of the earth cried, .. sedu sedan, ..
Stomach bulging, only the remaining body of bone that will soon break

Mother Earth, .. I never see your beautiful smile again
Again I hear your advice
There is now you are silent between the complaints of children of this country
The more days the more you make it

My homeland no longer has a wilderness, the sea off, or mountain towering
The heat, the flat, the fire, everything is now your color
Crying me almost burning eyelids, .. pity, .. sad, ..
While my heart was stretched out, I could no longer look at the world

The motherland suddenly slapped me, many times and insistently!
Sick, sore, but I feel the love that has been lost in the pride of rank
My eyes widened as my forest burned, my mount erupted, and my sea was polluted
Bah swallowed our dwelling, the smoke soaring in the chest

It felt like there was no time for me to sob back
Looking at the beloved country in a circle of destruction
Indonesia, I do not want to lose my native land
The land that will and forever be my blood

Knitting painting of this country is just a cursory, ..
Passed, .. passed, .. and changed the eternal portrait with true Indonesia
Let the painful painting of this country is framed in memories
Because love will bring peace and security
Wherever, .. Whenever, .. anyone, .. and forever, ..

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