Expansion of the figure! Headline: ""Those who do wrong and those who tolerate wrongdoing are the same guilty.""

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Unrighteousness prevailed through the defeat of truth and justice. And tolerance of the wrongdoers who tolerate wrongdoing, indulges in wrongdoing. Therefore, both the wrongdoers and the wrong tolerators are equally responsible for the establishment of injustice.

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To keep human life beautiful and happy, it should be kept away from injustice. Only through justice can life be manifested in the light of truth. Besides, the unjust society brings disorder and turmoil in life. The wrongdoers will be punished for their wrongdoing. But there are some people in the society who do not abuse themselves but do not protest against injustice. Allah hates both the wrongdoers and wrongdoers. Allah will give both of them equal punishment. If the wrongdoer wrongs him, he does not create any obstruction or resistance but gradually spreads across the country. Both the wrongdoers and the wrongdoers have to be blamed for wrongdoing. Thus, it is said that by tolerating wrongfulness, the tendency of indulging in wrongdoings is manifested. Whether it is possible or not, protest measures should be taken against the injustice. If the use of force is not possible, then it will have to initiate prevention of abuse by hate. Injustice is caused by unfair tolerance. So, in this case, the wrongdoer and the injustice tolerant, both are equal criminals and punished.


Harmful to both the wrongdoing and injustice tolerant society. So everyone should stay away from wrongdoing.

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Sir, you wrote very amazing. I liked it very much.


Thank you so much!

Sir, there is magic in your hands. It is not possible to write so beautifully without magic.


In fact, many things can be written in the emotion of mind

You have said that both the wrongdoers and those who tolerate wrongdoers are equally guilty!


It does not really matter to me. It's been said by the people of the ages.