6 Elon Musk Quotes That Will Inspire You to Become a Successful Writer

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Are you dreaming about writing your way to a decent income on Steemit?

And if so.

Do you often find it rather challenging to gain the followers and upvotes you so clearly deserve?

Regardless of how many hours you spend creating the quality content, that even your biggest critic would be proud of, it just never reaches the divine heights of the holy trending page.

On Steemit everyone has a fighting chance of success, but sometimes when things are getting tough we all might need a little guidance to stay on track.

Why not take advice from one of the most successful people to have ever walked the surface of our planet; the legendary Elon Musk himself.

Elon has enjoyed huge success in almost everything he has touched and some of his ideas might help you enjoy success as a Steemit author.

Here are 6 inspirational Elon Musk quotes you can use as guidance for your writing success:

1. Persistence

Elon Musk persistence quote.jpg

Elon himself is an excellent example of how far you can get on persistence. He has been faced with countless major setbacks throughout his career including the many times he was turned down by the Russians when trying to buy their rockets. As we already know, Elon successfully had his rockets years later without the Russians through pure perseverance and dedication to his objectives. SpaceX actually ended up with far better and cheaper rockets compared to the Russian counterparts.

Elon Musk practiced persistence to his advantage in the business world, but perseverance is just as important when your goal is to become a successful writer.

Quality and rewards are, unfortunately, not always perfectly correlated here on Steemit. Oftentimes a top quality post from a lesser known Steemian goes unnoticed while a short status update from a top author is rewarded with hundreds of upvotes.

The reason?

The top author did not reach his/her status as a top author overnight. He is merely reaping the rewards of many hours of hard work writing for our great community.

You can do that too, but it takes consistency and perseverance to build up a brand and a large following.

I am sure many of our top Steemit writers can attest to that. Take for an example @firepower who shared his views on Steemit success with us in one of my earlier posts:

Perseverance and Consistency are two of the biggest traits that I think is common amongst successful Steemit users, something everyone on the platform must strive towards.
5 Personality Traits that Define a True Steemian (and why that makes you a Pioneer)

Some days you might feel less creative, not in the mood for writing etc. but try to sit down and create something anyway. Just 100 crappy words every day would work wonders for you. inconsistency is the real killer of creativity. The power of persistence is profound and will help you get into a productive habit.

Over time you will learn to enjoy the process of writing instead of just focusing on the prize and people will notice and follow you.

The journey might take a while, but take comfort in the fact that small consistent steps will eventually lead you towards your goal of becoming a recognized writer.

small steps towards your goal-min.png

2. Quality

Elon Musk quality quote.jpg

Elon had a goal of reducing the amount of emission gas in the world. He figured that a shift towards electric cars would make a huge positive impact on the environment.

He was met with huge resistance in the auto industry which had a financial interest in preserving the oil based business model. So Elon knew that he simply had to create the best product out there in order to change the perception of electric vehicles among the consumers and eventually the car manufacturers.

When the Tesla Model S hit the roads in 2012 it received numerous awards for being the best car of the year with Consumer Reports giving the Model S a score of 103 out of 100.

The Model S was a game changer that could not be ignored. Today most auto companies are developing their own electric car models because of Tesla.

As a writer, you need to publish great content to get noticed as well. Nobody will trade their time reading your posts if they are not rewarded somehow. You need to provide something of value in your posts. That is most easily achieved when you write about topics in which you consider yourself somewhat of an expert.

Also, do not be afraid to share your own personal opinions in your writings. This is a social media platform after all. People are here to gain knowledge and to socialize, try to provide just that.

Elon further explains “Any product that needs a manual to work is broken”.

Do not over complicate things! Communicate your ideas as if you were talking to a friend. If your readers are finding your writings difficult to decipher understand your communication has failed.

Take Hemingway for an example. He is one of the most successful writers of all time. When analyzing his writings in a readability test you will find them suitable for children in fourth grade.

3. Belief and passion

Elon Musk passion quote.jpg

Elon has a burning desire to reach his ultimate goal of saving humanity from extinction!

Everything he does is working towards that end. He has dedicated his life to a meaningful purpose and that gives him the strength to endure hardships where others would lose faith and give up.

To gain the same strength and willpower as a writer you need to fully believe in what you do.

Why are you writing?

Every writer has his/her own reasons for contributing to the collective pool of human knowledge with his publications. But to succeed you need to deep down believe in what you do. It needs to align with your own fundamental values. Your writings need to be fueled by passion!

People should pursue what they're passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else
Elon Musk

Personally, I am passionate about innovation and I believe in freedom and decentralization.

What about you?

4. Innovation and niches

Elon Musk change quote.jpg

Elon is a big proponent of technological advancements. Most of his companies have had no competition to begin with because they were so darn innovative.

That is actually one of the reasons behind his great success rate. When you carve out a niche for yourself you greatly improve the odds of success.

As a writer, you should focus on the topics you already know a great deal about.


Then you should spice it up with your personal experiences and opinions!

The combination of expertise and personality results in something unique. Your own personal niche no one else can copy. Do that and increase your odds of success!

5. Focus and risks

Elon Musk risks quote.jpg

Elon has not been afraid to invest all his money into his companies:

It’s ok to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket
Elon Musk

He has been very close to personal bankruptcy on several occasions, but Elon’s strategy paid off big time. Today he finds himself among the world’s top 100 richest persons.

As a writer, you should not be afraid to focus your time and energy on the topics and platforms you deem most valuable.

This reminds me of a recent post by @donkeypong
People Ask Me What’s Happening with Bitcoin. Here’s Why I’m Dreaming Bigger.

In this post, @donkeypong explains why he has shifted all his crypto attention and funds towards Steem. That is a perfect example of taking risks based on personal values - Elon Musk style.

With great risk comes the potential for great rewards.

As a writer, when you focus your writings on certain topics you make it easier for visitors to determine what they can expect from you in the future. That will increase the likelihood of having the right audience hit the “Follow” button on your page.

6. Enlightenment

Elon Musk enlightenment.jpg

Elon Musk is one of the persons behind OpenAI.

General Artificial Intelligence has been pointed out by Elon as the biggest threat to human existence. OpenAI was therefore founded with the purpose of discovering a safe path to coexistence (humans and AI) through openness and collaboration.

The worst scenario would be if one person or company developed a super intelligent AI and used it to further own interests (world domination). Thus, Elon pointed out that it would be a much better scenario if multiple independent AIs were developed around the world, which could instead be used to further the interests of many.

OpenAI is the counterpart to Google’s, Facebook’s, IBM’s etc. AI research which is all done behind closed doors. OpenAI is primarily based on open-source sharing of knowledge.

Elon could actually have stolen the quote above from more or less any writer. Striving for “greater collective enlightenment” is what a writer does on a daily basis so this probably comes naturally to you.

When you publish your writings you are adding to the collective pool of human knowledge. A pool that, if all things pan out according to Elon, might, as part of the human expansion, reach far into the universe as a multi planetary conscience. Your words might even survive you and the generations that follow.

Your thoughts written here on the blockchain might even end up as a piece of an immortal super intelligent digital conscience of the future.

Imagine that!


Elon Musk has enjoyed huge success as a businessman and has openly shared the rules he has lived by to reach his ambitious goals. Why not learn from the best? I hope Elon’s quotes will inspire you to become an even more successful writer. And I am looking forward to reading your work towards greater collective enlightenment here on Steemit!

I really hope you deem my writings worthy of a place in your home feed.

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Isn't that the guy that supposedly are going to the fake space??? The earth is flat, research it!

If Elon Musk say he will go to space, then he is a fraud!

Great lessons from Elon Musk. Nicely done!

Sad to see this great post late. deserves more than 18 bucks!! but your quotes from Musk show you know exactly what you are doing! thanks for upvoting one of my posts by the way ;))

Thank you very much starkerz! Your encouraging words mean a lot to me.
I am upvoting your posts because I believe your efforts of promoting Steemit is of great importance for Steemit. You deserve a lot of credit for your hard work!

Mostly at #promo-uk we hope we can set an example for others to start doing the same :)

Thanks for sharing. I like the analogy of Elon Musk's traits with successful writer's. Resteemed :)

Thank you riseofth!

good advice. I have yet to find my niche ,but am growing as a steemian and writer every day. I have been on the platform about a month and feel a little more comfortable and confident with each day that passes.

Thank you krazykrista! I believe the best way to discover your niche would be to cosistently publish various content. Over time you will discover which topics you enjoy writing the most. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Thanks for the guidance, I will surely keep that in mind moving forward.

Elon Musk is one of the most inspirational people I know.
All his work and morals are truly amazing.
Great Post @ronni

Thank you arckrai. Yes, Elon is my personal hero. His selfless mission in life is indeed very inspirational.


Wow, thank you awgbibb!

Indeed Elon musk is great with this write up. I'm resteeming now.

Thank you bob-elr!

My pleasure

Loving the novel angles in this piece. And now the million dollars question: Is Elon Musk on Steemit? 😉

Elon Musk is a great mentor, inventor and entrepreneur. I really like most of his work. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you rosinaghunney I obviously agree :)

All not bad about mister Musk, but just do not forget he is the best copycat there is... Some Steemit users won't like this comment but it is what made Elon big!

Copycat or not, he still has something to show for it. I also believe that Elon is genuinely passionate about his goals and that make a difference.
Thank you for your comment pele23 !

He took an existing invention to a whole new level, nothing wrong about that... I have no problem with people adding value to things that already exist!

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Thanks For Share.

Smartly written :)

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