Traveler from the past

in writing •  4 months ago 

I miss the moments of yesterday,
I long to be like a traveler from the past.
who walks among the paths of life
looking for answers I can't find today.

I want to transport myself into your past,
to erase those memories of sadness from you,
to find you at your weakest moment,
hold you tight so you feel like you're not alone.

I want to see those who gave me life smile again,
to be able to kiss and hug her like the last of my days,
tell her how much I miss and love
grateful as a son I am for your stay in my life.

I want to return to the past,
to be able to be braver than I am today,
to tell that little boy with his head down.
that very soon he will be a great man.

No matter how much damage they have done to you,
your wounds will heal and strengthen you,
never stop being an innocent child
that life would reward you for your sacrifice.

I would like to be a traveler from the past,
and avoid so many wars and conflicts
remember that we are all one and the same
loving and caring for each other is not a crime.

Being a time traveler from the past
does not exist for definition
but a change in our thinking and heart,
it's not too late for it to be someone else's past tense.


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Nice! so you are a good poet also. Good, Good, Good!!

It's very important for me to receive these comments, it makes me feel very good, I feel like I'm doing a good job, and it's what allows me to keep doing it over and over again. Thank you very much for your support and your words.

Excellent poemary reflection.

Thanks dude :)

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I'm speechless, thank you.