Breach of Good Faith

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Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all. — George Washington

Marcus Woodbridge

Breach of Good Faith: An Example

Emer de Vattel wrote in 1758 about an incident that happened between an English frigate and some French sailors. He's reacting to a report that an English frigate approached the coast of France at the beginning of a conflict between England and France. The English frigate then sent out distress signals and successfully drew out some vessel. They then seized the sailors who responded to their distress signal and made prisoners of them. "If the report be true," de Vattel says, "the contemptible trick deserves severe punishment".

The Harm From Breach of Good Faith

Emer de Vattel then goes on to argue that deception of this nature tends to discourage charitable assistance, a sacred duty among men and a commendable job between enemies.

Message Implied By Distress Signal

Emer de Vattel concluded by saying that asking for help, by sending out a distress signal, is to impliedly promise safety to those who give help. So the action attributed to the English frigate was a detestable breach of good faith.

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