❤Another milestone in steemit❤

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Good evening steemians!!

I never thought i am going this far in steemit, almost 7months in this platform.


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During those months ,i had so many learnings and experiences.Most of all meeting a lot of friends in this community.

I am writing at this moment, to thank all persons who helped me reached this stage and at the same time share with you guys a wonderful person i have met in this community ,i want to salute her other than @surpassinggoogle,@paradisefound,
@fycee,@dandalion ,@neihy05 ,@sunnylife,@digitalis ,@bloghound,@filnette,@enjineer ,@twotripleow and master @otom...i am very inspired with her attitude ,being tough and yet so generous...the woman i have not known personally but i love the way she is...non other than @mermaidvampire.

She is so strong , as i always followed her in our SPP chat room.I am so inspired by her words , the way she look at life .I hope her words can transform others into a more positive way of thinking. Being tough makes her more admirable, she is so generous in her own little way,imagine iniating a contest that everybody is a winner , it does not matter how big or small is the prize but the willingness to share is "something" .I can say ,she is a woman of big heart like sir terry boy @surpassinggoogle.

I really admire you mam [email protected] is one way i can show in this community how grateful we are having you in this platform.❤

❤Thank you guys for this wonderful platform.Thank you my dear steemians for helping me grow in this community.❤


I am proud member of #steemph, #steemitpowerupph, #gratefulvibes, #steemph-bulacan, #steemitfamilyph , #steemitdora , #tropa-ni-toto, #steemgigs

Please support @SURPASSINGGOOGLE as a witness by voting him at https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type in "steemgigs" at the first search box.

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Congratulations ate Regine!
Keep it up. We are getting better and better each day and also thanks to all these people who helped us. Same people u wanna thank as well.

Let's just keep steeming! Yahooooo! 😄😍😊🤗

Yes eiron,we have lots of friends here in steemit to be thankful for.,And we are lucky that we met them ,though not personally but we still feel the sincerity in their words.And you know you are one of them..thanks my friend😘.

Let's keep on steeming and continue the.journey together.❤


thanks !!

Congratulations my dear friend!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Thanks much papa bear:) Hugs !!!XoXo