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Some came to force me and forced me to hijayake. Decorate them. It was good to get rid of the wet cloth from the least. Then the dance was taught. The rest is history and the dreadful creator knows. The night became heavy. Given the night meal And the rain has stopped long ago. The sky is clear Moon can be seen but it is blurred. Meanwhile, Hiao has adapted with indigenous girls. It's time to sleep now and tell the story. They have a special type of mache. I was given one of them. Then I gave myself to nature like everyone else.

Suddenly, in the very early morning, the folklore of pakapakhali and the words of the hooks of the elderly. All of them were busy. Hiao got up before me. I got up early so that I feel asleep after all. The little kids are smiling at me as well as the adults too. Myself looked more weird then Due to what they were doing, they became laughing and laughing at me. It was kind of like a wild animal. It was finished, now it's time for the indigenous people to go to the farm. All the groups are tied to the destination. Although the social system is a matriarchal tribe, now men and women work together. Men do not stay home as before. Bamboo made of women's shoulders, as well as some young children in their lap. The hands and shoulders in the hands and the shoulders of the boys, the teeth, the plow-yoke, the spade and the hookah The girls work in Chabagan or their own Panabaraj. Some people work in fruit gardens, someone is a business, some bamboo industry means cottage industry or girls in Panwar. Little boys and girls now go to school. Although they are far away from the school, they go to school. And the elderly spend time with their families. Hi and I go to see Panabaraj. As if another world. I used to spend some time in the tea garden to see the tea scene. We tried to pick up but did not have the skill of the work. So there was no way except to spare. The lava is not necessarily the same.

From there I went out to see the mountainous fountain. And before the village came farewell. Although I was still wishing to stay there, I came here. The day was clear. The beautiful day should be the golden sohaga. I do not know if I can never return there. A lot of gifts have been given to indigenous people while coming. They were just going through but they did not have the ability to carry the two. I did not even want to accept anything, but I could not take anything. Received a lot of valuable time over time. Which will never forget I got a pistachio doll made of sandalwood and I still have a cake. And what's in the memory of Bobby Smriti?Landscope tree.jpg

It was not easy to see the fountain on the mountainous river. But the shower we saw together. The colorful birds, insects, a picnic snake, and the mountainous river fish were more. He was very scared of the snake. He was also very scared. I laughed a lot. But I did not know what to do. He got a little angry. I suddenly became a pardon for him. However, some of the huffs were falling from the floor. The boat was moving at its speed. But many will have to walk. But what can be done without the taste of release. Indigenous boys gave the wild fruit to eat. Yet there was a fear in the mind that if someone consumed it died. If it is toxic. So I used to play in a false drama. I watched eating a wild fruit before eating it. After eating, I was lying on the stone with my hands in my throat. Then you can understand what may happen. The decrease in Aviman also increased unlimited.


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