Valentine's Love Songs Story

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This Valentine's Day, this post goes to those who love, who continue to love, who hurted by love, who are hoping to be loved and for those who are looking for love. I selected few songs from Youtube that I think will support and defines the type of love situation from an inlove to a heart broken person are into.

What a wonderful feeling it is, that after sometime that you are searching for the right one you already found that person that you have waited and prayed for so long and you said to that person-"So It's You!"

You became an item, you fell in love, but then change has come, your partner is looking for something that is not in you, expecting too much, and can't accept any imperfections in your relationship, and in return you asked for your freedom otherwise you will demand like the song "Love Me For What I am".

You separated your ways, seems like you are ready to recover from the breakup and you keep reminding yourself that you are down to your " One Last Cry'.

All the while you thought that you are on the moving stage, but still the memory of your past love still surrounds your mind. You still in pain and you keep saying to yourself to "Let The Pain Remain" if that's the only way to be with the one you love before.

You question why it happened. You are looking for reasons, for answers, why love failed ? Is it because of the"Will of the Wind"?

You keep on thinking, what went wrong. Things changed. Love fails and you remember how hard it was and you realized that "There's No Easy Way To Break Somebody's Heart".

You prayed hard to understand why you need to undergo of being alone again, being broken or should you pretend everything is okay after the breakup but at the back of your mind, you keep on asking "How Do You Heal A broken Heart".

Now that both of you already have your own way, you can't help but to feel "Incomplete"

The heartache that you experienced and the feeling of incomplete, it's just safe to say "Officially Missing You".

But then you found out that the one you have loved before, has already someone new, but still you are hoping for a second chance. And you asked yourself "Bakit Ba Ikaw?( Why It have to be you?)

And "Lately" you stand on your ground and decided to move on and you gave a real goodbye!

That's all folks. Hope you enjoy the song story. Happy Valentines Day!
Credits to all those owners of youtubes.
Puroypoi 1/14-15/2018


Thanks for posting this!

Thank you too! ;)

nice post, keep going

Thank you.

I was put through the mill before I met Jon. All of those experiences helped me appreciate him more. I guess that is why we sometimes need the bad, to appreciate the good when it comes to us.

That was a nice revelation Ms. Deb. and I completely agree with you that we will learn something from one bad chapter of our lovelife.

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Thank you for the goodnews, have a wonderful day too!;)

Nice selections Poi! Sino date mo yesterday? Heheh

Salamat met. Sarili ko lang hahaha Kaw alam ko sino date mo, mga kadate mo pala hehe

Ahahah walang kawala daddy nila. Kasama lahat prinsesa heheh

Every day is Valentine's Day. Those songs make someone feel loved.

Thank you for the appreciation!