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I am a big believer of this thought. The first and the only time I heard this was from Khloe Kardashian! Yes, you guessed it right (not all of you) she is one of Kardashian sister from keeping up with Kardashian and also runs a brand named Good American! So, Kudos to her!
So, I want to bring this meaningful thought into limelight because this indeed will help many people out here. Including me for sure.


Coming to the choices, we need to make several choices during the passage of time which sometimes are beneficial and sometimes are just out of rage. Emotions tend to swing which is why most of the time they are temporary, and making certain permanent decisions based on it will only bring regret in future and sometimes major loss. Life for sure is uncertain but we need to grow and evolve at every stage of life, we are only liable to face the consequences of the decision we make whether they turn out to be good or bad.
Basically we need to give a wider vision to the situation keeping aside our emotions to take correct decisions, that will only turn out to be fruitful, thus its important to learn to not make permanent decisions on temporary emotions.
I hope most of you fellows must have agreed to it and many of you must have faced such situation, I would love to read your opinion on this subject.

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Dear @praditya

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@crypto.piotr You are doing a great job, creating a strong community is indeed difficult and I am happy I am a part of it. Thankyou for all your support and definitely I am going to each of three deligator's account and greet them
Thankyou once again and keep inspiring us all:)


Dear @praditya

You are doing a great job, creating a strong community is indeed difficult and I am happy I am a part of it.

It is indeed quite challenging. But it's also super fun since results are so amazing :)

Thank you for your kind words :)

You're very responsive which is absolutely great and steemit community surely will benefit by having you here.

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Dear @crypto.piotr
I have no issues from the memo you send and I to best of my ability I make sure to comment on each recommendation from you, as I know it is really difficult to gain readers here nowadays, and would love If you will consider my name too as a recommendation some day soon!
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