Meditation/Thought 12/23/2017

in writing •  last year

This morning as I sat quietly breathing in the oxygen from God and exhaling all negativity within, I was aware of my value and worth.
I began to say within to myself, I am blessed, I am a One with God, I attract love, joy, peace, and serenity. I am balanced and centered, I am blessed and my future looks bright full of purpose and destiny.
As I was in that moment I found such a peaceful place, feeling accepted by God and self, experiencing my Oneness with the Universe. These are the moments I love and desire.
Just a sense of value and worth, appreciative and loved, desiring to be a light to the world, a positive change through love as I vibrate the frequency of Peace.
I challenge you today to find your value and worth to let go of all the shame and guilt, recognise you are accepted, loved and beautiful. Become One with your breath as you breathe in life and exhale darkness.

Much love and blessings😇

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nice peotry @positivechange10
thank you for sharing


thank you

good poetry @positivechange10
thank you for sharing


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this is poetry is moutivid for my life
thank you for sharing @positivechange10


Blessings my friend🙏

Nice I will practis .we r not our body we r in our body God is in me in you in all ..


We are One😇