Proven ways to recognise an empty barrel

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He is quick to judge others, yet he is no better. He is quick to condemn, yet he has little or nothing to offer. He brags and appears like he is truly who he claims to be but he is not anywhere close.

Have you come in contact with an empty barrel?

They are everywhere, in almost every gathering or group. They like to brag, promise, impress, lie, exxagerate and paint a picture of what mostly does not exist.

Who really are they?

Sometimes they are victims of circumstances, a broken home, a polygamous home, a once rich now poor home and other times they are just unreasonable people who like to think and appear like what they are not.

How to identify an empty barrel in disguise

There is an old saying, an empty barrel makes the loudest noise.

  • They are lousy

  • They talk and act with less wit

  • They blabber on and sometimes begin to contradict themselves

  • They lie
  • They are secretly suffering from low self esteem or a kind of personality disorder

  • They are hiding something

Can we try to avoid exhibiting any of this traits, so that we won't be mistaken for an empty barrel?

Nobody wants to be regarded as an empty barrel, therefore negative traits and characteristics must be avoided.

Seeking help from a counsellor or opening up to a more enlightened fellow may help some people..

Avoiding being a talkative will also save a lot of people

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