Coping Skills

in writing •  last year

Sometimes we have bad days.
Sometimes we have even worse days...
We all struggle from time to time in our lives.
How do you cope, and handle it?
I take photos, and write.
Here is a small piece of my darkness, given an illuminating outlet...

It's not that everyday sadness.
It's that...
Fight for every breath sadness.
You know the kind,
That sadness that inspires films of tragedy;
Memorials and ceremonies.
It's that sadness
The kind that tears families apart.
That... -
Spiralling out of control,
Never ending kind of sadness.
That sadness that breaks hearts.
The sadness that...
Ends lives
This is the sadness of never ending tears.
No, not your every day sadness,
It's the kind where you hear your soul screaming "set me free".

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